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DNS Filtering: Need ability to "name" each IP Address under any given site

DNS Filtering: Need ability to "name" each IP Address under any given site

Currently when you add an IP address to the DNS filtering tool, there are 3 fields that must be filled out:


1) static IP or dynamic IP setting

2) IP address

3) DNS policy


There really needs to be a 4th field there called "Location Name" (or something similar) which allows you to add a name that means something to a person, as opposed to just the IP address, which means nothing to anyone.


If you only have 1 or just a few sites, it's easy to keep track of them by the IP address.  However, if you have someone who has dozens (or even hundreds) of IP addresses, those IP addresses start to lose any meaning whatsoever, and it would be extremely helpful to have something else to refer to that device/location by.  And keeping track of spreadsheets tying them together is extremely cumbersome in any sort of large volume situation, especially since you currently cannot easily copy/paste all of the info into a spreadsheet, and/or export all the info to a .CSV file.  If your IP address is a dynamic one, then the IP in Webroot and the IP on your spreadsheet no longer match, and you don't really have any other means of identifying the correct site anymore.


I was told by a Webroot rep that there is a sort of "workaround" for this, which is to make copies of your DNS policy and name each one whatever you want to call that site.  Again, this is OK in small numbers, but if someone has a large number of IP addresses using the same policy settings for a single client, and that client wants a change made, it becomes untenable to go edit dozens or hundreds of policies, one-by-one (hoping you don't miss any in the process), when you could simply make a change to a single policy applied to all those sites, one time, and you're done.

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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Please feel free to start a discussion and submit a new feature request if there is additional interest from other members. Thank you!