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Make user msg "Please contact your network administrator to access..." editable

Make user msg "Please contact your network administrator to access..." editable

Regarding the message that appears when a user tries to access the the interface: The message says "Please contact your network administrator to access the user interface of secure anywhere": It would be extremely useful if this message were editable. Many end users don't habve a clue what "network administrator" means, or who that would be, especially if their company's IT is outsourced.


Ideally I'd like to brand it to say something like "Please contact "XYZ IT Company at (212) 555-5555 or email admin@XYZ for more information".



New Voice LU
New Voice

That's a great idea!

Community Leader

Yes, a very good idea to be able to slightly customize this. Can be made to show your MSP or admin contact name/number/email etc...



New Member

This would be a great idea!.  Also, it would be great if we could create a policy that would alert the endpoint user to contact their administrator xyz company at 555-555-1212


This is idea is more than useful. It is essential. The default message insinuates that if the user contacts the Admin, they will get access to the user interface. That is not the case by default. Actually, the same goes for the Help and Support button that takes the user away from the primarily resposible for the first line of support. So also that option needs to be customizable.



Status changed to: Closed/Archived

We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. This feature is not something that is on our current roadmap, but we will keep it in mind if anything changes. Thank you!