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Policy Push to MacOSX agents not working

Policy Push to MacOSX agents not working



The agent installed on a MacOS10.7.3 works like the retail version.  It allows end users to fiddle with all the settings similar to unmanaged.  I have tried to push the default policy that I have adjusted to not shown the user interface, but the agent did not take it.


Please fix this as I don't think this is a feature to add.  This should be treated identical to the agents for Windows.  My MSP clients have MACS AND PCs, so it would be embarrassed to let the boss query about the visibility of settings to some and not others.....


Worst of all, what can I say if the staff Mac can see the settings but the boss's win8 can't!



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Hello and thank you for your post. Our business Mac agent is still very new and the development team is currently bringing the Mac agent for businesses up to speed in the way of central management, policies, and better visibility into the agent from the console. Currently you cannot apply a policy to a Mac, but agent commands are functional and some basic system information is passed up to the backend for visibility in the console. All of this is always in the works to improve the product to better server our customers so please stay tuned! Thank you, Shawn T Webroot Inc.
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Retired Webrooter

We've made some progress on this one:


You don't have ability to push policy yet, but you can now see all the Mac info in the console.

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Dear Webroot,


A year has passed since the last note about the updates and we still can't push policies to Macs. Will this be sorted out soon?




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Am I to understand that this STILL isn't working?? The agent has been out since 2013 apparently, and users have been asking for this feature for that long. Are you kidding me? We really, really need the ability to manage our Mac users the same as our PC users. This should have been in the initial release. Many businesses use Mac, and for this to be considered a business or enterprise product, it needs full Mac functionality. There's absolutely no reason I can think of that this should take this long to develop.


Is there a timeline for inclusion?

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The feature is expected to be released this summer.  You will be able set policy for mac in GSM.




Jonathan Giffard

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@pdxITgirl , yes, you're correct.


Also, as so few vendors have implemented policies for Macs in their "managed" antivirus, the first well-known company to do it would have the corner on that market.


@JGiffard , can't wait to see it.  I asked about this at SpiceWorld in Austin last year, and there didn't seem to be much information to be had.  We have some all-Mac clients that would benefit greatly from having a much more robust solution.

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This has been implemented!