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I have just been playing around with settings with a view to offering some of our cleints reporting access to their own site's consoles.


I have granted only "view" access to one site, and am actually dismayed to see that this also gives access to the resources tab.


As a managed service provider, we deploy webroot to our clients via various methods depending on the clients requirements. If we do grant access to the console, we don't want end users having the ability to download and install an .exe where we already have an .msi deployment via group policy in place.


Would it be possible to have this as a selectable feature when setting up a local access account?

Status: Reviewed

On the GSM dashboard it would be nice to show a list of machines that have not phoned home in the past 24, 48 or other configurable timeframe.  We have this information available already when in a particular site but that can be a tedious thing to check regularly.


Our experience has been that machines will randomly stop checking in and the fix is always to uninstall / reinstall which is bad enough, but to have to cycle thru all sites to find out which machines are in this state is very time consuming.

We have deployed Webroot on over 20 servers and some of these keep losing contact with the console.


The solution given by Webroot support was:

The Webroot service requires the service to restart due to a long uptime and you need to do regular reboots. We have passed the case along with the logs to our Development to see if they can come to a resolution that ensure as little maintenance to these machines as much as possible.


This is a fundamental feature of a server Antivirus solution, to be able to cope with the computer being on 24/7.

Hi Support,


Could you add a feature that allows us to shutdown the agent for an optionnal amount of time?

- useful when troubleshooting.

this be also push from the MSP console oradd it to the policy per a template and we we switch an end point to use this policy, one can right click and select shutdown for 5 minutes or time intervals





Status: Reviewed



Add a feature so we can permananently delete from quarantine using the console.  That feature exist in the user GUI for unmanaged clients so it makes sense that it should exist in the console for managed clients

One of the biggest frustrations we have is that we cannot fully customise the endpoint clients from the portal on the server.  


For example, if you enable system cleaner, it automatically wipes every endpoint's Microsoft Office Recent File list.  There is nothing in the policies to be able to turn this off before enabling system cleaner.  As such, if we want to use system cleaner, we have to make all 100 endpoints unmanaged, then edit the system cleaner settings manually to turn off Microsoft Office Recent File list clearing, then move the endpoints back to being managed by policy.


The best option would be to allow administrators to customise every single feature of the system cleaner from policies.  


Can we please have the ability to amend overrides so that items can be added to an existing override policy.


Additionally, the CSV export of undetermined applications is full of duplicates. Why are you reporting on the same piece of software multiple times? This makes managing them a nightmare.


In the undetermined software list, sorting by a field only sorts the items on the current page, so if there are 1000 items in the list but only 50 are visible, the sort function only sorts 50 items, which is pointless when trying to create an override relevant to all the files associated with a particular program.

As an RMM we transition a lot of people from other AV solutions to WebRoot.  As always this means uninstalling the old version of the other software.  Although we can do many of these via a command line utility using webroots AWESOME "Run a DOS command" advanced option it is still combersome to look up all the versions of software and issue multiple commands to do it.  A simple "Remove Competive AV Products" option would be Great!  Symantec for one, does NOT like to go quietly.  Just give is the option of treating it like all the other malware and "Clean" it from the PC.   This should be a fairly easy update and I'm sure a welcome one.



Status: Reviewed

While I agree this would be an awesome feature, it would require quite a bit of work on our part, and then we would also be held accountable if there was an issue arising from this.


As you said, some of the other programs are not uninstalled easily and I have found this to be true more often than not.


I have changed this to reviewed and will keep an eye on it.

Currently there is no way to see the size of the WRData folder on endpoints without remotely connecting to the computer.  We have over 100 endpoints and no way to know which are losing disk space due to excessive WRData folder size.


It would be great to have a report or a column in the portal which gave some idea as to the size of the WRData folder of each of the endpoints.

Status: Reviewed

Sure thing, I moved it for you.  What sizes are the WRData folder sizes getting to?  We are working on improving the removal of old data that is no longer needed, which might solve this issue for you.

Written on belhaf of customer:

Status: Reviewed
by Webroot Employee on ‎05-29-2015 04:17 AM

I tried to post a request for this feature here, but it said I don't have sufficient privilegies to do that. I therefore post my request to you:


With Android 5, one gets the opportunity to create multiple user accounts in one's phone/tablet. User apps must be installed into each user account, which makes perfect sense. But this also means that each user must install Webroot mobile protection to ensure full protection for the device. This also means that one Android with two protected user accounts will use two licenses (for us who have the paid business version of Mobile protection) - and that is no good.


My request is that


a) Mobile protection detects if there are other user accounts, and prompts the user to protect the other accounts, and that this preferrably also works for temporary guest accounts; and

b) (most important) that all user accounts in one single device use the same Webroot license - this should be simple to accomplish since all user accounts in one device all use the same phone number, or Webroot could detect IMEI or something.



Status: Reviewed

This is an excellent idea!


Thank you for taking the time to write this up Kelly, you rock!