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This request somewhat goes hand-in-hand with the request i just posted here...the ability on the DNS filtering page to import/export IP address settings.


For example, I can create a site name (which for my company's purpose would be the name of the company for which we are providing the DNS filtering services), then under that site, I can add any number of IP addresses that I want to be protected by the DNS filtering service.


In small numbers of IP addresses, this is relatively simple.  However, when you are like us and have a need for dozens or hundreds of IP addresses under a single "Site", there currently is no way to add/edit these en masse.


However, it would be an extremely simple process to do this if I already had a .CSV file containing all the info required to set up a new IP address for all the sites I want to add, then just upload that .CSV and it would create an entry for each one all at the same time.


Also, an export feature would be very nice to have as well.  This would allow you to export a full list of all the IP addresses listed there into a .CSV file so you can easily email it to someone else, or so you can quickly/easily make changes to the settings of those entries (such as changing from dynamic IP to static), then re-upload the .CSV file to the site in order to apply the changes.


It would be helpful if the first request I linked at the top of this post was completed prior to implementing this import/export feature, so that this tool only has to be done once.



I would like to set up a rule for all the devices that have not been seen in the last 3 months so that they are automatically deactivated and that we can reclaim the license for those endpoints.



Polite as usual


Posting on behalf of one of our customers who called in: 


Product: WSA

Subcomponent: Console/GSM Console

Platform Idea Category: PC

Customer type : MSP

Additional notes: 250 seat business customer

Description / Usage: Currently when the DeviceMID changes by say upgrading or swapping the hard drive, a duplicate entry will be created on the console. The customer wishes to have the MAC address also be considered for identifying endpoints so that it does not create a duplicate when hard drive is physically changed. (The customer is upgrading a bunch of hard drives and is currently having to deactivate each and every duplicate)

Not Seen Recently across all sites

Status: New
by John2E on ‎05-09-2017 10:00 AM

I would like to be able to see all endpoints whose status is Not Seen Recently across all sites defined in the web console without having to go from site to site so I can get an idea of the severity of the issue and how to prioritize resources.



Tracking/Notification of blocked programs - could use a log

Status: New
by PR-ICS ‎04-20-2017 01:07 PM - edited ‎04-20-2017 01:11 PM


Howdy, I've had a couple  of instances where a program is blocked and simply fails to work (a tax program) or install (an bdoyshop version update) however there's no indication in the log or the program that this has occured, nothing on the console side either.


Can we get some way of seeing whats happening, even something simple like "ABC.EXE or DLL was blocked" so we can white list just the one file or problem, or override for valid prgrams, without having to resort to  cart-blanche white listing an entire install directory structure ?



Block Removable Media

Status: New
by New Voice sdubbel 4 weeks ago

I didn't see a previous request about this so I apologize in advance for re-creating a thread. Recently, I've had more and more of our clients asking for the ability to block removable media (USB thumb drives in particular). I've always created a GP for this which fits my needs for now but recently learned that a competitor product AV has this feature. I'm also aware of other third-party applications but if anyone has worked with a compliance client before (ITAR, DFARS, HIPAA), they know all the fun hoops you have to jump through to get these to work. I was wondering if Webroot is looking into the prospects of adding this feature or a more dynatic control? I know it can be a pain but would be lovely to have this feature at a quick click of a button.



As a Managed Services Provider, I would like to be able to automate the ability to run a report across my 40+ clients to see which computers or servers have not been seen in x amount of days.  Currently this is a time consuming manual process. 

Status: Reviewed

Hi everyone,


This is definitely on our roadmap for the near future, and will initially be implemented as a report which can be run across all (or singular) sites within the GSM reports section.


To ensure we provide the required functionality, what actions would you then want to perform on any returned devices?  Would you simply want to be able to deactivate these, or any other sort of actions?





Block/Allow Files by Extension

Status: New
by romious4 on ‎04-19-2017 08:11 AM

We need to block files by extension from running on our endpoints.  For example the latest zero-day exploit in April 2017 that affected Microsoft RTF files; we would like to be able to block all RTFs or any other file extension from the management console.  As a workaround we had to deploy one of your competitors solutions.




{Reply from Tech Support}


Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting Webroot Support.

Currently the feature you have requested is not available. We would also like to invite you to post your idea on the <a href="" target="_blank">Webroot Community Feature Requests</a> page.  The Webroot Community Feature Requests page is an online forum where you can vote on and discuss ideas. Ideas submitted on the Webroot Community will be reviewed by our Development team, and considerations such as the number of votes, practicality, and feasibility of implementation will be taken into account when planning future releases.

Patrick H
Webroot Business Support

Posting on behalf on the customer: 


Currently when viewing the Admins tab you can select a GSM level admin which will display the list of sites they have access to – you can view the list of Site only Admins but to view which site they have access to the user needs to load the actual site itself and manually locate the user to know which one they belong to and would like to be able to view this information like they can with the GSM admins.

Subcomponent: GSM Console
Platform Idea Category:  PC
Customer type: MSP
Additional notes: 100 seat business customer

Status: Reviewed

Thanks for the feature request!


I'll add this to our backlog for review Smiley Happy

Merge Endpoints

Status: Reviewed
by tankbob on ‎10-05-2016 03:23 AM

Quite often when a machine gets reimage this results in an extra endpoint appearing in the console and we have to go in and deactive the old endpoint, which then results in a large build up of deactivated endpoints.  Other feature requests are asking to let us delete these which is being refused due to preserving history.


Can we have another option.  Allow me to select multiple endpoints and choose merge. In the merge dialog I get to pick which is the active endpoint (preselect the one that has been seen the most recently).  Then the console will


  1. Migrate all the history from the other endpoints to the selected endpoint
  2. Deactivate and REMOVE the other endpoints.

Additionally provide an alert that notifies of duplicate names being created to help pick up on these.

Status: Reviewed
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