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How Do I Edit or Delete My Post?

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How do I edit or delete my post?


If you realize that you made a mistake or would like to add something to your post, you can easily do so by clicking the "Options" dropdown in the top right corner of your post, then selecting either "Edit" or "Delete". 


If you can't remember where your post is located, simply click on your user name at the top of the page to access your profile and see all of your posts.


Thank you, Have you ever though you should have opened your eye's before asking a question - - lol.

Troy A JSmiley LOL


Thank you for the information. I am new to Webroot, so I am trying to find my way around and the best place to find out things is through a community forum.


Thank you ^_^


i received a webroot personnel security report. On the report it said  

Your protection is currently: ENABLED
Your protection is currently: DISABLED
on <HOSTNAME> Fix this now

i dont know what it means or what i need to do ?


i cant remember how to post my own comment....


How do I post a question?  I can't get past the suggestions that come up after I type my question?  (This appears only to be a comment to a post by someone else?)

 I agree with @thatsenuff77. In the "Getting Started Guide" (of which Editing & Deleting Posts is a part), I'd like to see a section entitled "Submitting a new Post". The dialog might include: What to click to get to the menu, Kinds of posts, (repeat) Search before posting, Choosing a title, and Clarity of content tips. Perhaps this is covered elsewhere, but for "Newbies" like myself, the "Getting Started Guide" would seem to be the first place to look.