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Make An "All-Household" Option

Make An "All-Household" Option

I replied this to a different idea, but I think this may warrant it's own heading.


I think instead of multiple seat options, it would work better to have a seperate product, maybe "Webroot SecureAnywhere Ultimate" where a user could protect all of their devices in their household. For example, say I need more than 5 seats. The "Ultimate" product from Webroot would allow me to put all of my devices on it. Maybe position it at a price point of $99. It would also be great if Anti-Theft coudl be incorporated into the PC program for the Ultimate product.


This would be very similar to the McAfee All Access and the Bitdefender Sphere products.

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Unfortunately, there's probably too much potential for a business to purchase this.

Webroot's focus is the small business market so they are especially sensitive.

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I just bought 99 dollar package 10 device 100gb for home 

sadly my android tv is not considered part of my family and may be given up for adoption