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URL to test Website Blocking

Status: On Hold
by Silver VIP on ‎02-08-2013 12:34 PM
I am sure I am not the only one who likes to test things out, and wonder if they are really working. I would like to see a specific URL set up just to test the URL blocking of the software. The URL would be included in the list of 'bad sites', but it would actually just have a message with something like "If you can see this, your software might not be correctly blocking known infected sites." You know it is working if the website is blocked, and something is not working if you are able to see it. This would give people like me a safe place to test out the function, as well as being able to openly (maybe) share that URL within the community to others who wish to verify that things are working correctly. What do the rest of you think?
Status: On Hold
While this is still something we intend to do, we have to focus on our forthcoming 2014 edition of Webroot SecureAnywhere first. However, we will take this idea back under consideration following its release.


Status: New
by Sabrina118811 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

There should be a discount for full-time students. For those like me, we work and go to school; books are super expensive, and so are the laptops you need for all of these web-enhanced classes. I know the basic webroot doesn't really cost THAT much, but every penny counts when you are always broke from school, bills, and trying to build a life for yourself. Even just a small discount would be amazing. Perhaps even a discount for those who have stayed with webroot. Thanks for reading. Smiley Happy download.jpg 

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Improving the Webroot VIP Program

Status: Closed
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎02-05-2013 08:26 AM

A few days ago the Webroot Community celebrated its first birthday.  During that period, only a handful of “superstars” emerged and, imho, they have been the mainstay of the Community.  We know who they are … there is no need for recitation.


There are several levels in the VIP Program:  Gold VIP, Silver VIP, Bronze VIP, Sr. Expert Advisor, Expert Advisor, Sr. Community Leader, Community Leader, Sr. Community Guide, Community Guide, and Frequent Voice.


Now, one year into the Webroot Community Program, how many Gold, Silver and Bronze VIPs does the Webroot Community have?  How many Sr. Expert Advisors does the Community have?  How many Expert Advisors does the Community have?  I believe the answer is:  not very many.


If you were to ask the major contributors to this forum what they feel would be proper recompense for their efforts, I have no doubt that most, if not all, would say they do not do it for any form of compensation, reward or recognition.  They do it because they are genuinely helpful folks.


However, that really begs the question.  It is incumbent upon the company to evaluate the importance of the Webroot Community and, if the company deems it important, it is the company’s responsibility to implement significant and meaningful rewards.  There are statistics available to the company that document the amount of time and energy various contributors donate to the Webroot Community.  The company should use these statistics to, in effect, properly compensate those contributors, especially if it can be demonstrated that those efforts improve company sales.


IMHO, by this time, one year after the fact, there should have been at least a few Gold, Silver and Bronze VIPs, but I do not believe there are any.


I believe the promotion process needs to be accelerated and the rewards improved.


I would like to see some feedback about what, if anything, would be appropriate.


This is not the time for modesty, folks.  If you believe changes are in order, now is the time to speak up!

Status: Closed

Open a support ticket - a direct link

Status: Implemented
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor ‎04-25-2013 02:58 AM - edited ‎04-25-2013 03:44 AM

Foremost I have to say that my idea has born thanks to DavidP who put in to his signature a direct link to open a ticket.


So, credit goes to DavidSmiley Wink Smiley Happy


I have noticed that a link to open a support case is available only on the main page of Community on the right side under "Looking For Support?". Unfortunately in other levels/sub-sections of forums there is no a direct link.


I think it would be handy if a direct link would be always available regardless on level/sub-section of Community you are in. We would need to place this link to a part of page that is always displayed. For instance the bottom part of page could be used. See below.



or in the drop down menu "Support" on top of the page or elsewhere it suits the best.

Status: Implemented

This feature is now in our header under Support on

I have just discovered that the UK is the only country where you are charged to contact Support (0870 141 7070) — and charged quite steeply at that.


This can't be right !!??!!???


It was the following post that drew my attention to this:

squarehead666 wrote:
.....My issue was dealt with while I waited, it took an hour or two all told, but AFAIK the call was free (it had better be).


Are Webroot actively trying to lose UK customers??? When @squarehead666 sees his phone bill at the end of the month, I imagine he will be an extremely unhappy customer to see that he is being charged (and very steeply at that if I am not mistaken) for the privilege of having Webroot correct problems being caused on his machine by Webroot's software !!! What is more, being in contact through games forums with other Battlefront games customers using Webroot and encountering the same problem, I can well imagine that this will have ripple effects.


C'mon Webroot!! Why should Webroot customers from the UK, the country from whence hails the cybersecurity firm Webroot can thank for the entire architecture of its antimalware products, have to pay to get technical support by phone? Step up your game, and offer UK customers a free phone number like all the other countries you offer a Support phoneline to: !

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It would be great if the WSA software could be set up to use a dedicated IP for communications to the portal. Or a way to specify one in the registry or the install.


We are behind firewalls and no traffic is allowed out without the use of a proxy. We have tried to use the proxy options for the WSA but it seems to be inconsistent and finicky. 


I woudl suggest that there was a way for customers to specify an IP address or domain name that could be used to send traffic to so we could create a smaller set of rules in our firewalls that allow the WSA traffic out.



It's kind of annoying to have to go into each of our sites individually to clean-up agents that haven't been seen in X days.

A global or automated option for this kind of clean-up would be nice.

Pre checked bundles

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Frequent Voice on ‎11-18-2014 09:45 AM

 Having looked through this subject, my own thought is that it would be easier from a programming and legal perspective to simply have WR uncheck the boxes and flag up to the user to check that is what they require.


Or am I being a little naive here?



Status: Duplicate Idea
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On May 9, 2016 my laptop was infected with W32.Rogue.Gen  I only found this through another program that I used.  I was never notified by Webroot that I had a Trojan infection.  I went over and signed into the console and it was there (under Pc and Security) that I found that my laptop was infected.   Had I not signed into the console or used another program to identify the Trojan, I would not know that my laptop was infected.  The Trojan is non-existing now.


Here;s my idea:  When your PC gets infected and in using the existing Webroot icon on the task bar that upon infection, the icon turns red and blinks (like a red traffic light) alerting the end user that there's an infection and then from the red blinking webroot icon that there's a link that brings you to the area (console) to view the type of infection and what was the resolution of the infection.  You could also include the notification when you right click on the webroot icon and go from there.  


Thanks for reading and I encourage your comments.

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Web Site Maleware security

Status: New
by Boggs on ‎11-22-2016 07:13 PM

I am a web site developer (I do use and trust WebRoot for my 5 of my computers and 10 other family members computers). When you develop websites you have to use your hosting companies maleware protection which is not cheap. I have 20+ sites for my current customers so I spend a lot of cash to keep each site safe. However what I have found is even though you pay for this service it does not always work and some sites get hacked and after that since there is no warning (like attention you need to scan your files) if you have shared hosting for several sites well then you get to share the maleware with them also. Which means deleting and rebuilding on a clean slate to fix it right.


I thought as a developer and I am still small compared to the big guys out there, it would be nice to have a software that I as a developer can link each website to a website webroot developers license which would protect my websites from my admin side to auto scan and  kill varments, rather than the hosting company side telling you are covered. I am not sure if this is possible but if so it would bring me some peace of mind. I only build Joomla sites which are fairly protected CMS or database driven sites. The best I have found is host side protection which is not stellar but more minmal as well as expensive and I use a software called clean talk to stop spam form fill ins. which would be another great feature.

If you can do this count me in, if you have this already please share the pricing with me.




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Have a pop up window or some kind of marker on the Webroot taskbar icon informing that new Windows updates are ready and waiting to be installed.

Since there are no more "patch Tuesdays", Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 update at any given time. If you don't regularly check for these updates it is easy to forget about them or overlook them, and Microsoft does not have any easily seen method for displaying they are there and waiting.

Yes, you could just wait for the next reboot when they would be installed but I want to be notified so I can install them immediately.

These Microsoft updates are critical/integral to keeping your computer secure as much as the Webroot updates (even more so). I don't think a simple popup window or taskbar notification informing that critical/important updates need to be installed would be a nuisance or wasteful "bloatware".

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I am hoping that there is some way to identify a bot in your smart home net work. When I saw the amount of data being pushed, I was wondering 1.) how many people are harboring these bots? and  2.) how do you protect against them?

In firewall when you want to be warned of all activity unless allowed....  there should be an option in the notification for... "Block Once"... Just in case you are not sure if by blocking it is something that is needed. As it is if you block it you have to manually go and locate it in a long list and remove and try again. With the block once if it is something that needs to be allowed past the firewall you can rerun the program and allow it the next time.

This option of block once is standard in any other firewall program I have used and would be the only complaint I have as of yet. But a big enough issue to make me switch back to previous Security Software as it is a big inconvenience. I test a lot of programs and need that easy control. 

It would also be important to take away... That the firewall will allow if I don't choose what to do in a certain time. I should wait for my response. Since I want that full control of the firewall I want to be able feel comfortable to step away from computer and not be afraid that the choice will be made for me. This is a huge security risk to me. For that reason I may also have to switch to a security soft ware that will not do this.

Status: Closed

Webroot Browser

Status: Closed
by Frequent Voice on ‎03-07-2013 12:12 PM

Hi Team Webroot!!


Is Webroot planning on developing its own web browser? I believe that if any organization could develop a serious military strength security browser, Webroot could.





Status: Closed
As Pegas mentioned, the platforms that need their own browser from us (iOS and Android) already have browsers available from Webroot. The other platforms currently supported (PC and MAC), both have the Web Threat Shield and the Identity Shield standing on guard to protect users from any threats originating within a browser. So creating a whole new browser on those platforms would have limited value since the protection is already there in a different way.

I would love to see the ability to truly schedule the recurring scans that Webroot Secure Anywhere mobile calls "scheduled" scans. Currently, users cannot set an actual/specific time for the scans to be run, only adjust the frequency.

A user defined time to run the scans is something that many other scan tools incorporate. In addition to giving the user a bit more control, it may also help to alleviate many of the "out of memory" errors I've seen in the threads by allowing the user to tell Webroot to run the scans at a time when the device is least likely to already be using a great portion of the processor.

To avoid the possibility that the scan would fail to run because the device is in standby mode, etc, it would probably be helpful to add a permission allowing Webroot to wake the device to update itself & run the scans.

One other thing that may help the Out of Memory errors, would be if before running a full scan, Webroot could check memory/processor availability. If percentage X isn't available, the scan is postponed 30 minutes, an hour, etc at which time the test is run again to see if the processor has been freed up. Should Webroot be unable to find a time when significant resources are available, the user could be notified. We would then be aware of the problem & be able to shut things down & run it manually. Additionally, this might help users become more aware of what programs are contributing to the lag they are experiencing.

Sorry to have written so much. Lol. The true center of this suggestion is:
Please find a way to let users tell Webroot a SPECIFIC time to run scans.


**edit is for subject name


Status: Under Consideration
We reviewed this idea internally and we agree that it's a good idea! We have put in a request with our mobile team for their input and review.
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Hi Webrooters , I have a ideas . Assigne a email address for forward Suspicious Emails . always i recieved many Emails " with attachment " , they are Suspicious Emails and do not like open their . I like forward their to Webroot support Emails " directly " Thanks , Amir Durantash

I've been looking for a product with a set of basic PC maintenance utilities to allow users to perform functions like defrag, backup, uninstall and etc. While there are plenty of options out there, including the native Microsoft utilities which are known to be weak and limited, most 3rd party products attempt to upsell users to add anti-virus/malware, emergency recovery and etc. Obviously as a Webroot subscriber I'm not interested in purchasing software that performs functions I already have and would quite probably conflict with Webroot. I'm also a pretty big fan of Webroot and have come to trust your products to the point they are running on every PC in my home. So with this in mind I'm humbly suggesting that Webroot consider adding a new product line or possibly a new set of features to your existing products to incorporate these functions.


I realize that this may seem beyond the scope of what Webroot's core products are aimed at and may be just too much scope creep for your engineers but it's something that customers are interested in. I "admin" all the computers in our household (8 so far) and it would be a valueadd for me to be sure. Having these necessary functions available in a standardized interface that gives me more control and better performance than Microsoft's utilities would be something I'd be willing to pay for. As it stands I'm stuck looking at vendors and products that I either don't trust (think IOBit) or contain features I already have and/or don't need.


Anyone else in this boat?

Status: Under Consideration

We'll keep an eye on the kudos this idea receives over time. If there is significant demand for such features, we can look at doing something like that. It seems like a logical extension of System Analyzer that we start trying to fix some of the problems it can find beyond just security troubles. Likewise, System Cleaner (in IS and Complete) serves some of the functions you may be looking for. We already have a Backup solution in Complete. This idea is valuable though, because for every feature you suggest that we don't have, those could potentially add value to the program. We just need to gauge how much people want these features and which ones in particular should come first. Thanks for the ideas! I'd like to propose that for anyone who kudos this idea, please also leave a comment clarifying which particular features you'd want to see the most.

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I have WEP installed on about 200 machines.  What would be helpful for me would be to have a console option to see Last Contact time right next to Last Scan time (right now only Last Contact time is presented).  I would appreciate the ability to glance down the list of our clients and quickly find machines that are online that have not scanned recently.  As it is now I'm clicking through each machine one at a time to refresh it's details in the bottom pane of the console to check the last scan date which is a pain with so many clients.

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New Look

Status: Reviewed
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎01-31-2015 04:17 AM




Please can we have a new look and maybe a new colour something that looks smart and fancy ?



Thanks Adam.

Status: Reviewed

We currently have no plans to change the User Interface, but we will certainly take this into consideration.


Best Regards,


James G.

Webroot Community Support Team

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Stuxnet Protection

Status: Feature Already Exists
by New Voice TECHEXPERT on ‎11-27-2015 12:46 PM

Make there be a new version of webroot that has an extremly updated firewall and sheild strong enough to protect your computer from bad virus like stuxnet.

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