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connect/disconnect toggle

Status: Closed
by dgkh on ‎02-05-2015 11:46 AM

Webroot lacks a toggle internet connection on or off button. 

Most of the time I do not want to be connected. I want all traffic stopped but easily restarted when I am ready.

Status: Closed

Not sure this makes sense for us, as we rely on the Internet to work.  You could just make a shortcut on your desktop to disable your ethernet/wireless connection and then re-enable it.

Recovery CD

Status: Closed
by zoolkeeper ‎08-16-2012 07:19 AM - edited ‎08-16-2012 07:20 AM



I Love Webroot SecureAnywhere, How about a bootable recovery disk, to scan an infected PC.



Status: Closed
We have decided that this is not a market we have any desire to enter at this time. Webroot SecureAnywhere protects systems so that there is no need to use such a recovery CD. Webroot is a cloud-based system, and a recovery CD would likely entail creating a version which is intended for offline use. There are also licensing concerns in providing a bootable USB drive that can be used on a multitude of computers. For the time being, we are going to focus on improving our existing product offerings.

In fact this is not a new idea because it's already implemented in WSA for Android. I mean the nice small circle spinning around over WSA icon when a scan is running.

Can this visual notice be also implemented to WSA for PC? The reason is that I would like to see directly that a scan is running without a need to hover over WSA icon to see wording "Scanning ....".

Status: Closed
Since the icon already provides an indication of ID Shield protection via the the lock symbol, we cannot have it also display Scan status by spinning (you could be scanning and surfing at the same time, right?). Also, since WSA scan times are typically very short, a dynamic indication of scan in progress does not delivery nearly the same value as it would for other, longer scanning, AV products. So we will stick with the static lock symbol, since we believe it provides more valuable information.

Webroot AdBlocker

Status: Closed
by Community Expert Advisor ams963 on ‎04-12-2013 02:50 AM

WSA could have an AdBlocking feature integrated into the interface. Much like Avast! adblocker. Only better. It'd not only block ads in browsers but also in other apps. The devs team could gradually add apps to the list. Avast! licensed adlblocker from AdBlock Plus. Webroot if integrates its version of Adblocker into its range of products, it would take one more step towards wrapping up a range of products complete with features, perhaps more than any other security product at the same price.

Status: Closed

We dislike ads as much as everyone else, but ads are not security issues by default. As a rule, we are focusing our attention on security issues. In the event an ad is infected, we are already blocking it. So we will have to decline the opportunity to implement this idea for the same reason we no longer have a spam filter and instead focus our attention on threats.

Yeah, that's right, I wanna read what pops up. So make this an option. Big pop ups. Little pop ups. I wanna read them all!
Status: Closed
The admittedly somewhat-confusing pop-up that was the subject of this idea no longer exists at all in the 2014 version of WSA. As it was the only one that appeared for a potentially insufficient amount of time, we believe we can now close this idea as resolved. When you receive the new build, please let us know if you believe this is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

Master Reset Button

Status: Closed
by Technical Support on ‎02-29-2012 06:46 PM

I was thinking it would be cool to have a reset button that will reset the whole Webroot SecureAnywhere software back to default rather than having to reset each category one at a time. So we could keep the individual reset buttons under each category but under the "Import/Export" category we could put something like "Reset All"


What does everyone think, would this be a good feature to have?



Status: Closed
Since uninstalling and reinstalling can be accomplished in about a minute or two, and it provides for the same total settings reset, this does not seem like a particularly high priority, but thanks for the input! We may look at the idea again if the demand for such a feature increases.


Status: Closed
by Community Guide LoopyLinda on ‎01-22-2014 12:23 PM

Hi, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have drop down info on the button that tells you who gave kudos to a particular post instead of being diverted to another page.  Just a thought. :smileyhappy:

Status: Closed
This isn't an option currently with the Lithium platform. All I can do is submit an idea request on their customer site (which I've done) :smileyhappy:

Persistent Desktop Icon Not a Good Idea!

Status: Closed
by New Voice wingmasterx on ‎09-02-2013 10:04 AM

I am a first-time Webroot user, and I am installed the software because it came as a package deal with my PC purchase. I nearly uninstalled it and replaced with a different AntiVirus, however, when I saw that deleting the Webroot desktop icon was only temporary, as the icon would be automatically regenerated following each boot.

To the user, this appears to be a bug in the software, since other windows programs do not function like this. Good thing I did a Google search on this issue and found the following post on Webroot Community which explains how this behavior can be disabled:

I think it is not a good idea to have this behavior at all, though, especially as the default behavior. It is only an annoyance to the user, and makes Webroot appear to be invasive and have bugs. If the user deletes a desktop icon, it is because the user did not want that icon, and no software should persist in adding itself back to the desktop after the user deletes it!

This may also prevent turning away customers who may conclude that there are problems in the Webroot software...

Status: Closed
This is an interesting discussion. However, we have no plans to change the functionality regarding the option to create a persistent desktop icon. As noted, this option can be disabled in the settings. We can always reevaluate this topic if it gains some kudos. Thanks for the suggestion! :smileyhappy:

Webroot Secure VPN

Status: Closed
by Community Expert Advisor ams963 on ‎04-12-2013 02:39 AM

Webroot could offer secure VPN service. To encrypt data and protection users in public insecure WIFI, a VPN is a must. Webroot could offer VPN service which would have like 6 plans with the most basic plan offered to WSA AV users and subsequent advanced plans for Internet Plus and Complete users. The rest of the plans could be used at a reasonal upgrade price per year. Anybody not using WSA could also use the service for a price. The VPN would come integrated with WSA. And option like 'install secure VPN' would install the VPN serive. And then start using secure worry free WIFI. It'd be that simple.

Status: Closed
This line of business falls outside the core competencies we are focused on right now and would require the implementation of new infrastructure that does not currently exist. While a Webroot provided VPN service would augment the other security we provide, we will leave that business for others.

Remote commands

Status: Closed
by Frequent Voice on ‎06-23-2013 10:07 AM


Thanks to @DavidP for this thread:smileyhappy:

It could be nice for me to can stop my remote PC with a remote command. Actually if you send a stop command, the PC will stop only when there's a new event.

Status: Closed
There are certain architectural limitations that come into play for a request like this. What would need to happen, as David points out, is that the model would have to be changed from a "pull" model to a "push" model. That would require a major developmental undertaking, which would be likely to introduce new kinds of problems in place of the old ones associated with a "pull" model. At this time, there are no plans to implement a "push" model, but if we ever do consider it, we will keep this request in mind.

64 bit browser compatibility

Status: Closed
by Sturie on ‎03-13-2012 11:28 PM

I was wondering if the WSA toolbar could be made compatible with IE9 64bit and Waterfox (Mozilla's 64 bit version of Firefox)?


Status: Closed
Hi Sturie - Thanks for this idea too! After reviewing this with the team and doing some market research, it looks like this is not a market that it's beneficial for us to participate in right now. We're focused on a lot of other great enhancements for our SecureAnywhere product line though and we'll keep you posted if we move into the 64bit space!

Maximize and shorting GUI

Status: Closed
by New Voice parsec on ‎04-09-2013 05:18 AM

Can you consider to give the ability to maximize and shorting  the GUI entries in your application as of now you can only see 5 entries at the time . As I can't see the logic for the sm size GUI on your design


Status: Closed
We do plan user interface changes that will be included in our 2014 release due this fall. However, adding the ability to maximize the UI is not planned at this time. We may revisit this in the future, but for now this is closed.

Network Monitor

Status: Closed
by Frequent Voice on ‎02-07-2012 11:05 PM

Is Webroot going to add a network monitor? I see the big thing is having a secured network, but what if the password is compromised? Currently there is no option included in the software for mapping a network, thereby making it difficult in discovering if anyone is piggybacking off the network. McAfee has an option that allows the user to view who is logged in to their network, and I would love to see such a feature added to Secure Anywhere.


What are some thoughts?





Status: Closed
After reviewing this idea and considering it, the conclusion I had to draw is that most modern routers already have this sort of functionality built into them, so the feature would likely be redundant for most users. Any modern router allows you to plug the router's IP address into your browser window on your computer, log into the router, and see a list of every device connected to it. Nearly all modern routers have an option to perform MAC address filtering as well, so you could limit the connections on your network to the individual devices you want on it and keep anything else from using the network. That would be above and beyond just password-encrypting the network, which you should be doing anyway. So, why not just encrypt the network and use MAC address filtering? I'll be happy to change the topic status back to "under consideration" if anyone would like to explain why that might not suit your needs. Thanks :smileyhappy:

Scan smartphone from pc

Status: Closed
by Community Guide BoerenkoolMetWorst on ‎03-27-2013 01:28 AM

For people who don't want to run realtime AV software on their smartphone, add an option into WSA PC product to scan a connected smartphone for malware.

Status: Closed
Thank you for the idea. However, this feature is outside the scope of our product as we currently envision it.

I opened a thread this a.m. regarding the delay I was experiencing receiving email notifications of posts to a thread I am following.  There seems to be a problem with the My Settings>Subscriptions & Bookmarks section.


With respect to Email Delivery, there is a bullet point for “Immediate” and “Use default (immediate).”  I thought these two were the same and I placed the bullet point on “Use default (immediate).”  However, I was getting delays of several hours receiving emails on this setting.


After opening the thread, DavidP came up with the solution, which was to change the bullet point to “Immediate.” I made the change and cured the problem.  Now, I receive emails notifications instantaneously.


Can this inconsistency be fixed?

Status: Closed
RWM, this is an issue in lag time with your mail server, as was suggested earlier on in the linked thread. After testing on multiple accounts using various email servers and by changing the settings, it has been determined there is no difference between selecting "Immediate" and "Use Default (Immediate)."

download direct .apk file

Status: Closed
by Community Guide durantash on ‎02-24-2013 10:45 AM

Hi ,



i think better make a general link for download file from webroot domain :


example : for manual download file .


Or :     and www.webroot/mobile/iOS


And always upload latest file version .


A Big company must first Lean self services .




Thanks ,


Status: Closed
Please see my prior comment for additional details. After leaving the idea open for discussion for the past month and receiving no further comments, we are going to close this idea for now.


I noticed that even the 2013 version of the Webroot software still rely on the Windows firewall for incoming connections monitoring and only check outgoing connections.  I was reading the review on PCMAG and apparently, Webroot is planning a full two-way firewall. I hope this firewall is complete, in the sense that it also detects web exploits?




Status: Closed
There are no plans for creating a two-way firewall at this time. The Windows firewall handles inbound traffic very well, and in versions since XP, it's very customizable. WSA can interact with the Windows firewall in useful ways, so duplicating the functionality is not needed.

Evidently the SecureWeb browser on the Android application covers the alerts/notifications area of the device.  While this may not be a huge problem, I think it is something that can be improved on.



Status: Closed
The trouble with this is that smaller devices really need that extra real-estate. We would be concerned if we prohibited access to the notifications area. However, we are not prohibiting access, but rather just necessitating pulling down the screen to get to it. That's pretty standard for web browsers, as Pegas pointed out below.

Save heuristics settings as per a network

Status: Closed
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor ‎01-26-2013 04:17 AM - edited ‎01-26-2013 04:18 AM

I would like to see an option to save the heuristics settings as per a network.


For instance I want to setup strong heuristics settings for Public Network, it means all the heuristics to High and  "Warn when new programs execute that are not trusted". On the other hand for Home/Work Network the heristics settings might be in the default state.


Once saved the heuristics settings for a network, WSA would recognize automatically to which a network I am connected to and would apply the respective heuristics settings.

Status: Closed
Although this is admittedly a good idea and likely technically feasible, it is not on any development road map for our product at this time.

I would like to see a feature added where when you right click on the Secure Anywhere system tray icon there are options to either  "Shutdown Webroot Protection" for 10 Minutes, 1 Hour and until next restart.


Being a former Avast user I liked having this feature.

Status: Closed
Consensus from development was that there isn't really a good reason to shut down WSA to begin with. The odd corner cases might be, for instance, if you are directed to shut it down by another legitimate program. However, that advisory from the other program is not well-founded to start with. If and when someone does shut it down, Windows Security Center is going to nag you to turn your AV protection back on until you do. So there isn't really much danger in forgetting it off either, due to the constant reminders. While the proposed feature might be a minor improvement to usability for the few customers who shut down WSA frequently for whatever reason, we are really just talking about two clicks of the mouse to open it back up. So, development is going to focus on more functionality-oriented projects for the time being.
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