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Hello to the Webroot Staff.


I would like to make a suggestion to make a Security App for Windows 7-8 Phone OS I feel they will become more popular.





Pre checked bundles

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by Frequent Voice on ‎11-18-2014 09:45 AM

 Having looked through this subject, my own thought is that it would be easier from a programming and legal perspective to simply have WR uncheck the boxes and flag up to the user to check that is what they require.


Or am I being a little naive here?



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More information from the Analyzer tool.

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Community Guide Gorg on ‎05-26-2013 10:06 AM

After running the Analyzer tool "Updates are available for your system and have not been installed" comes up when it finishes.


I have 3 optional updates in Windows update. Is it talking about those?


My suggestion is, if Webroot knows what the updates are, can it please also list what those updates are in the log or something? I feel like I have to play the "check all drivers and apps" game to make sure everything is updated. The analyzer obviously knows what updates are needed if it's telling me there are updates. Knowing what those are would save a lot of time trying to figure out what its alerting me about.


Sorry if this is a dead horse and has been suggested already.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Hi Gorg, that's a good point. However, there is already another idea tracking this request. Could you please add your kudos to it? We are planning on making improvements to the level of information received in System Analyzer results.

Temporary Protection Shutdown

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Silver VIP on ‎06-18-2013 07:51 AM

This Thread and comments addresses a common feature in some other solutions that will allow the protection to be shutdown for a specified period of time.  I know fully well that that shutting down protection during the install of software is not reccomended, but there are times that more advanced users are doing maintenance on a computer and using trusted materials.  An example of this would be during a Windows Upgrade.


It would be very handy for the more advanced users to have the ability to shut down protection for periods of say 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes, as well as the option of "Until Reboot".


As the recent poster Corp_Security_Girl did not post the idea, and I like it, I am going ahead and posting it with credit to her.

Status: Duplicate Idea

This has actually come up before. The answer provided should hopefully be informative. There is always the chance we could reconsider our position, but we feel strongly that there should be no good reason to ever shut down the protection, which would limit the value of the feature.

Secure Anywhere's Cleanup

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Bill on ‎02-10-2013 10:58 AM

I have been using Webroot Secure Anywhere for several months.  However, I kept Window Washer in my computer because it had features that Secure Anywhere does not have -  namely Free Space Washing and System Eraser.  After a couple of months of using Secure Anywhere's Cleanup Now I used Window Washer just to see what would happen and it erased for 17 minutes.  It appears Window Washer erased more than Secure Anywhere's Cleanup Now.  Window Washer is no longer available, so if I'm right, can Secure Anywhere be upgraded to wash as thoroughly as Window Washer.


Also, System Eraser was nice to have when disposing of an old computer. 

Status: Duplicate Idea
TripleHelix is right that this idea is a duplicate of this one: Also, just because Window Washer took longer to run, it does not necessarily mean it cleaned more. Window Washer was capable of doing up to 99 passes over any file - each pass causing the wash to take longer. So comparatively, washing the same data would take significantly longer with 99 passes.

Opera password manager

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Community Expert Advisor cohbraz on ‎01-21-2013 09:55 AM

Can Webroot extend their password manager to Opera? I personally like Opera and use it a lot, and I do not think that I am the only one. Smiley Wink

Create a version of WSA for Symbian OS

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Boelie on ‎03-01-2012 03:01 AM

As the title says, please create WSA for Symbian as Symbian is still the third biggest mobile OS if I'm not mistaken.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Request adding more thourough Files Cleaning capability to Webroot Secure Anywhere for PC.  Add more cleaning of Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc and third party software such as wordperfect, Corel Paintshop Pro & Corel Video Pro, etc.  In othere words, more functions & cleaning capabilities your previous Window Washer software did, including cleaning free space on your PC.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Thank you for creating the original idea. It is still under consideration at this time. Smiley Happy

Search Feature on Web Portal

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Frequent Voice on ‎10-24-2012 07:04 AM

I love the new web portal for backup and synch, but I'd still love to see a search feature.  I don't have my home hard drive memorized.

I think I understand that webroot is formed by two modulesSmiley Happy

1. antivirus + firewallSmiley Very Happy
2. backup service / syncronization.Smiley Tongue

In my opinion, the Form 2 should have the option to [pause] /[reactivation]Smiley Very Happy

In this way the software gain in flexibility. Smiley LOL
In fact, at times, to have the service 2 is active, may not be necessarySmiley Mad

Status: Duplicate Idea

backup pause resume restart

Status: Duplicate Idea
by New Voice bafonetto on ‎03-25-2012 09:18 AM

Hi all, sorry for the language use Google translator

would be useful to have a button that puts in pause and restart the backup. Sometimesyou do not need to be kept synchronized. Indeed, the service "Webroot Sync & sharing"can only be ended by task manager (but this is not good).

Status: Duplicate Idea
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In this day and age when we can manage almost every aspect of security via a single portal, I don't understand why we still can't clean up already quaratined files and completely remove them from the system.


Webroot alerts me that there is a possibly dangerous file and automatically quarantines the file. I log into the portal and check to see what has been quarantined and from here I should have the ability to restore it from quarantine or remove it from quarantine permanently.


Instead I have to take the user out of its Policy, set it to unmanaged, remote to the users desktop, refresh the policy and then manually delete the quaratined file. This is a huge waste of time (especially when dealing with a large client base), when something so simple can be integrated into the web portal.

Status: Duplicate Idea
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Setup for SYSLOG

Status: Duplicate Idea
by abarnes on ‎08-24-2016 02:52 PM

Ability to write raw log data to a syslog facility

Status: Duplicate Idea
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firewall update/more powerful

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎05-30-2015 04:29 AM

Can there be a new firewall update. Like more powerful firewall I know webroot is in the clouds protected but sometimes my servers get attacked I was just wondering if there could be a powerful firewall to lower data being sent to my severs. Thanks

Status: Duplicate Idea

We have quite a few feature requests in regards to this.

Please see the other feature request at



James G.

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Webroot menus font size

Status: Duplicate Idea
by New Voice dhintz on ‎02-22-2015 06:57 PM

Include an option for scaling Webroot menu font sizes to be larger, easier to read

Status: Duplicate Idea

This is covered in another Idea at

We currently have no plans to change the current User Interface. This may obviously change in the future though.

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Status: Duplicate Idea
by troppmann on ‎01-29-2015 03:53 PM

May we please get an exclusion feater added to the webroot software?


Thank you for your consideration with this.

Status: Duplicate Idea

This feature is currently in the works. You can find more information about it at

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Hi All,


Just wanted to pass along that upon running a scan of my windows 8 (v 8.1) laptop, WR SAC would hang up on at a certain point (74% scan complete). Upon closer inspection it was a msointl.dll file under MS Office that was causing the problem. Since complete path isn't displayed for longer paths in scan dialogue window, I manually went into each OFFICE folder and did indivudual scans on the myriad folders containing msoint.dll. I finally located the offending file as it would hang up on manual scan selection. I've since deleted it and have been able to get a full system scan. My assumption is that the file was corrupt and could not be assessed by WR without hanging up (I had to reboot to get the scan process to terminate).


Based on what I had to do to resolve the problem I have two suggestion to make things a bit easier:


1. Display full path of files being scanned in dialogue window (wrap to a second line if need be). Makes it much easier to isolate offending (corrupt, etc.) files for user and WR tech support should assistance be required.


2. Allow WR SAC to "Timeout" a given file and inform user that filecould not be scanned as it may be corrupt, etc. and give user the option to skip said file to allow continuation of scan. This would alert the user to a problem with a file and allow scan to continue without having to reboot the computer. 


3. Adjust scan script to include info on skipped file in scan log for use by user and WR tech support.


I'm a recent user of WR SAC and am very pleased with the product. It's easy on resources, doesn't slow my machine and scans in a couple of minutes. I also have it on my android phone and ipad. 


Thanks for your time.



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I would like to submitt a feature request which would allow someone with a System Admin account to be able to clean or use the System Optimizer for all the other user accounts on one system such as a laptop or desktop without having all the individual users log in to their accounts and do the cleaning themselves.


Thank you


Status: Duplicate Idea
We will review the original request and close this one.
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Webroot SA used to have the best cloud storage and synchronization on the market.  Now I never even use it.  What happened to the ability to send links from the backup & sync portal?  Also, this portal desperately needs a search feature.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Both of these features are things we are working on adding back in. To answer your question, in the 2013 edition of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete (WSAC), we started over with our Backup & Sync service and rebuilt it so that we can provide features that could not have ever existed on the old version. In doing so, certain features from the older version of Backup & Sync were initially left out. However, as we've said here and here, we intend to add those features back in. We have to redevelop them since we are using a new core platform, so it is taking some time to get all of the old features back to go alongside the newer features under development as well.

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Please introduce or assign resellers/dealers/distributors in Bangladesh so that WSA products can be available in stores here.


Best Wishes,


Status: Duplicate Idea

Similarly to the answer provided in this other idea to translate the website to Bangla, if we were to decide to focus on the Bangladesh market, it would entail a strategy behind doing that, which would include an effort to find resellers in Bangladesh. Both of these things entail translating WSA to Bangla, which is already an idea. If that idea is accepted, it would include both of these other ideas, which we are treating as duplicates.