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Longer usernames

Status: Implemented
by Community Guide BoerenkoolMetWorst on ‎02-16-2013 04:10 AM

Currently usernames are limited to 15 characters and my username is not complete, perhaps others have this as well or simply choose a shorter username because their first choice was too long. This is kind of a minor issue but if it would be an easy fix then it would be nice if this was changed.

Status: Implemented
18 characters fits in most places, and the few places it doesn't, it will just wrap the text. So, this idea has been implemented. Sadly, there was no room for the gravy, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, as this conversation has so amusingly shown. Smiley Happy

Racing Team Webroot

Status: Implemented
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎02-20-2013 06:38 AM

RWM wrote:
... why don't we have a Webroot Racing Team? 

So that's an idea!!! Smiley Wink Hey Webroot folks what do you think?

Status: Implemented

We have decided to sponsor cohbraz on iRacing. It's only fitting that the lightest, fastest car on the track have Webroot stamped on it! Go Corey! Get that pro license! Smiley Happy We'd love to see a video too. If it's possible to save a reply or a screen video of a race, please feel free to post it over in your thread.

Please add Knowledge Base Article: How To Deactivate

Status: Implemented
by Silver VIP ‎03-17-2013 12:51 AM - edited ‎03-19-2013 06:27 PM

There is an article regarding How To Deactivate Endpoints, and how to How To Reactivate a PC, but there is not yet an article on how to Deactivate a consumer PC.  Can such an article be added for easy reference?


How To Deactivate a PC:


Log into your Account Console using an Admin login.


In the main Console screen, select PC Security"



Select the PC you want to deactivate:



Select the Commands Tab:




Select Deactivate:



Confirm the Deactivation:





In the event you have Deactivated the wrong computer, or changed your mind, you can Reactivate the PC


Status: Implemented

Open a support ticket - a direct link

Status: Implemented
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor ‎04-25-2013 02:58 AM - edited ‎04-25-2013 03:44 AM

Foremost I have to say that my idea has born thanks to DavidP who put in to his signature a direct link to open a ticket.


So, credit goes to DavidSmiley Wink Smiley Happy


I have noticed that a link to open a support case is available only on the main page of Community on the right side under "Looking For Support?". Unfortunately in other levels/sub-sections of forums there is no a direct link.


I think it would be handy if a direct link would be always available regardless on level/sub-section of Community you are in. We would need to place this link to a part of page that is always displayed. For instance the bottom part of page could be used. See below.



or in the drop down menu "Support" on top of the page or elsewhere it suits the best.

Status: Implemented

This feature is now in our header under Support on

It would have been great if the green check marks of the setting 'Analyze search engine results and identify malicious websites before visitation' worked for Google searches in HTTPS.

Status: Implemented
This feature went into the latest build. Search annotations should now appear in search results regardless of if the search is done in HTTPS or not. Smiley Happy

PayPal payment option

Status: Implemented
by Frequent Voice on ‎10-02-2012 12:38 PM

It would be nice to have an ability to purchase Webroot products using PayPal.

Status: Implemented
PayPal is now available in the cart in all locations for which we are marketing to and that PayPal supports.

Personal Avatars

Status: Implemented
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎02-02-2013 03:11 AM

Having been involved with this issue on other sites, I can say that the ability to incorporate a personal avatar (instead of a stock image) is a simple and worthwhile improvement.  A simple browse feature that allows the community member to select his or her own personal image should be incorporated into the Webroot Community.


I am aware that a select few are currently able to choose their own avatar on this site, but it is not clear to me why this option is so restrictive.

Status: Implemented

Members at Frequent Voice rank can now use uploaded and externally hosted avatars. Smiley Happy Please see Anna's post here for more information.

Show version when mouse hovers over |?|

Status: Implemented
by Community Expert Advisor explanoit on ‎11-02-2013 09:44 PM

It's a standard convention in desktop applications that going to the Help or About menu item shows you the version. However, your item, the |?| in the top right takes you to a website.


Right now there are two ways to find the version, neither of which are immediately apparent:

  • My Account > Gear > About SecureAnywhere
    (This really, really doesn't make any sense)
  • Hover over the (W) icon, which is hidden for many people and isn't a normal place to look

To solve this without changing functionality, please show the version when you hover the mouse over the |?| button in the top right.

Status: Implemented



This feature is now available in the software.



Windows Updates checked by System Analyzer

Status: Implemented
by Community Expert Advisor Miquell ‎11-13-2013 10:29 AM - edited ‎11-13-2013 10:40 AM



In my opinion it would be a good idea to notice only critical Windows Updates, which are actually missing.

Or maybe the user should decide with options panel what kind of Windows Updates should be checked by System Analyzer? For example, as I know, it's not quite necessary to monitor for an optional updates (e.g. additional Windows services, hardware drivers), while the most important parts are generally critical updates for Windows security and it's vulnerability.

Of course it's only my little suggestion, just a single thought, which may be refused, but I would like to know what do you think about this?Smiley Happy



Status: Implemented

The system analyzer now shows if updates are needed, as well as a new service pack. It will also notify you if automatic updates are disabled.

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With the Webroot Secure call blocker, the phone rings ONCE and THEN the call gets blocked.

However, with my previous app (Easy Filter Call and SMS Blocker by Moonbeam), the phone does NOT ring at all.

Can this be updated?

Status: Implemented

Outbound connections fw control in Win 8/ Win 8.1

Status: Implemented
by Community Expert Advisor ams963 ‎10-08-2013 11:34 AM - edited ‎10-09-2013 07:37 AM



It'd be great if the outbound connections user controls (allow/block the connection of a process, etc) in firewall and the settings for the firewall in Advanced Settings is brought back in Win 8 and Win 8.1  I think it's very useful feature to users who can control outbound connections.  Just like it's been in previous versions.







Status: Implemented

Thumbnail view

Status: Implemented
by Frequent Voice on ‎05-02-2014 02:33 PM

Can you please add thumbnail view in backup and sync.Its impossible to no what picture you need to download unless opening or on a phone downloading it(very hard if you have hundreds of pictures).It is much easier if there is an thumbnail next to the picture.I use skydrive and used sugarsync and dropbox and they all have this feature.

Status: Implemented

The backup and sync portion of the software now shows a thumbnail next to files that are syncing and backing up.

Backup Overlays

Status: Implemented
by Community Expert Advisor cohbraz on ‎08-26-2012 07:54 AM

I would love to see backup status overlays on files that are set for online backup using Webroot. It is not that I do not trust the backup service, but seeing the overlays provides a little piece of mond and makes it easy to see what files are backed up and what is not.

Status: Implemented
That was a good idea cohbraz. This feature exists and works great in the 2013 edition of Backup & Sync, available in Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. Smiley Happy

Turn off pop-up on visiting

Status: Implemented
by Community Guide TonyW on ‎10-13-2012 08:31 AM

Every time I visit or, a pop-up appears with options to go to areas for home/business/partners. It isn't necessary as you can access those areas from within the website itself.


My proposal is to remove that 'annoying' pop-up.

Status: Implemented
Your wish has been granted!

I LOVE Webroot SecureAnywhere and the great toolbar, BUT I also favor using Google Chrome as my internet browser of choice. When will the toolbar be made compatible with Google Chrome so that I can have the best of both worlds?

Status: Implemented
We now have a toolbar for Chrome! It will propagate out to IS+ and Complete customers automatically. If you want to speed up the process by which you get the toolbar, you can uninstall and reinstall WSA, following that up by rebooting your computer. Many thanks to everyone who pushed for this feature!
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The Mixed Content Blocker in firefox says it has blocked content that is not secure in the Community site. Why is HTTP content available in the HTTPS Community site? Why not make the Community site fully HTTPS?


To the moderators : Wasn't sure where to place the topic. So please feel free to move the topic to the relevent sub-forum.

Status: Implemented
Not having the entirety of the community operate via HTTPS was not a security problem. All user-input has always been HTTPS-enabled. The warning you received was generated by a few of the site's graphics. It does not matter in any meaningful way that a public graphic be accessed via HTTPS rather than HTTP. The purpose of encrypting the connection is to protect your data - not pictures coming to you from the website. However, you raise a good point that modern browsers don't try to draw that distinction yet and will throw up an annoying message in many cases. So, I think I just took care of that problem for you. Please reload the page. If you encounter the same problem again, please private message me the URL of the page you see the issue on. Thanks Smiley Happy

Improve. REPAIR Cleaning and repair of a malware-infected computer.



Removal of all active components of widespread malware (including Rootkits and stealth malware) in % 86


Removal of further malicious components and remediation of critical system modifications in % 37


Hi Maurizio Oss Pinter

Status: Implemented

I believe you are referring to an AV Test result from last year (if not, please correct me). We have actually made some improvements since then that resulted in improved cleaning of ZeroAccess infections. Those are mentioned in the release notes for Going forward, we will continue to make improvements in malware remediation wherever possible.

Webroot toolbar improvement

Status: Implemented
by Frequent Voice on ‎04-04-2013 10:16 AM


I feel one area which could be improved in Webroot software would be the toolbar, it seems too dry and almost non functional (only one grey webroot icon displaying).

I would suggest showing for each web site visited a color coded icon in the toolbar regarding the safety of the same (i.e. green for safe, yellow for caution, red for know malicious sites, etc.)

This helps to more easily identify potential risks while surfing the internet.

Status: Implemented

Something we plan to do in the future is provide a deeper integration in the WSA agent with our subsidiary link-checking service, Brightcloud. Once that occurs, it is possible this idea can be revisited for the specific purpose of doing something more with the toolbar in the requested way.


However, the Web Threat Shield doesn't need the toolbar at all to protect you. The toolbar available in the Internet Security Plus and Complete versions of the program is used only for Password Management. The Web Threat Shield operates in the background, with no need for a toolbar.


That said, we also have exactly what you're looking for, available for free from Brightcloud. Please try out the Webroot Reputation Toolbar and let us know what you think. Smiley Happy


Also, the W is grey in your toolbar because you haven't yet signed in. If you sign in, it would turn green, and it provides a whole host of options for password management when you click on it.

Move Monitored processes to top of "Active Processes" view.

There's no reason I should need to scroll through the GUI to find the monitoring processes - they should be at the top and highlighted.

Status: Implemented
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Remove or fix the Webroot scrolling header

Status: Implemented
by Community Expert Advisor explanoit ‎11-02-2013 06:34 PM - edited ‎11-02-2013 06:36 PM

The scrolling header above all pages on this site is improperly spaced and rendered after the rest of the page has loaded.
This leads to a very annoying jump in the location of everything on the page every single time you navigate. It is extremely annoying.

Please either remove this element or invest resources so it does no degrade the user experience. It's doing Webroot no favors as it is now.

Status: Implemented

Yep, that has been removed and it has improved the performance of the community.