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Mac Forum and Mac Expert on the Webroot Forum

Status: New
by Bronze VIP on ‎10-12-2016 09:22 AM
Windows 7

The Webroot Forum is in need for both:

1. Mac Forum Only

2. Webroot Mac Expert on the Forum. (it's been a few months without one)

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More Alert Tag Options

Status: New
by clayharris on ‎12-28-2016 05:57 PM

It would be nice if you could include Company and Site names as "Data Inputs" / available fields to insert into alerts.


This is a more natural way to make sure that the systems receiving alerts can parse the alert correctly, rather than relying on the creation / customization of Group name.s

Windows 10 mobile

Status: New
by brettbenn88 on ‎10-07-2016 10:10 PM

Microsoft is heavily investing in windows 10 mobile now which is something it has never done. They are heavily focusing on enterprise customers but there is no virus protection offered by Webroot. Is there any plans for adding support to windows mobile.

MBR protection

Status: New
by Bronze VIP on ‎12-25-2016 07:24 AM

Add MBR(Master Boot Record) protection function


like this



for example

PETYA Crypto-ransomware Overwrites MBR

This will improve the protection of ransomware(petya,Goldeneye......etc)


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exploit protection

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎02-23-2017 10:42 AM

incorporating an anti exploit component into webroot products would be a great idea imho , so you do not have to install emet or " other vendor " products. exploit protection for browsers , media players and other vunarable apps. applacation hardening. just a small  / humble suggestion , that I hope that will not be overlooked Smiley Happy thanks for reading!

OS and Browser query?

Status: New
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎08-21-2016 04:13 PM
Windows 7

I've looked and haven't seen a request for this yet. If it has already been suggested, then I apologize.


Would it be possible for Lithium to add the ability to have those posting their question on any given topic, that they also be required to check two boxes or drop-down menus; one stating their OS and another, their current default browser.


Just having these two questions already answered ahead of time would be of great assistance to those of us trying to help our fellow community members. 


Please kudo if you agree. Again, if this has already been suggested then please nevermind. Smiley Happy



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Padlock re-think?

Status: New
by Community Guide bjm_ on ‎01-13-2017 11:23 AM

Respectfully, may I request a Padlock re-think.


Webroot Community & Webroot Support have assured me that I'm protected with Padlock & I'm protected without Padlock.


Respectfully, why Padlock.  


Why distract from my Webroot experience with a toggling Padlock. 


At this moment Padlock is Off presumably because I made an extraneous mouse click. 

For me, toggling Padlock for every extraneous mouse click is a distraction.


Padlock remains Off at this moment.  Presumably as before if I make a trigger mouse click, Padlock will resume On.


Yes, I clicked on my active browser taskbar shortcut triggering, Padlock to resume On. 


Click on taskbar lose Padlock.

Click on browser shortcut gain Padlock. 


Respectfully, why Padlock.  
Respectfully, why toggling Padlock.  


Support advises that W means I'm protected. 


Respectfully, how & why does a Padlock, albeit a Padlock that likes to toggle enhance my Webroot experience. 


Please re-think Padlock.  


Respectfully submitted.

WRSA's System Optimizer includes an advanced option to clean the Internet Explorer "index.dat" web cache file used by Windows versions prior to Windows 10. However, under Windows 10 the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers use a web cache file named "WebCacheV01.dat" which is not cleaned by WRSA's system optimizer. I would like for WRSA to have the function of cleaning WebCacheV01.dat. Thank you.

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Adding a proactive response or if then else

Status: New
by allthingsit on ‎12-13-2016 05:05 AM

Clearly no product or service can claim they can prevent  100%  of ransomware from getting onto a machine.

Adding the ability for WEBROOT to stop a service based upon the detection of specific file types being creating on a machine would be an extremely useful step in the right direction to prevent the spread of ransonware across unmapped or discovered drives.    So many of the ransomware tools create a number of specific file name extensions and these could be easily detected.    IF detected,  do some things like STOP and disable the networking services,  create a few unique entries in the registry so that other tools can detected this too...


WEBROOT needs to have easy to use options that effectively do what large and sophisticated IT companies do with group policies and years of experience..  

Webroot community app

Status: New
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎10-11-2016 01:17 PM

Hi all was thinking on a ideal for mobile phones. I lot of us use mobile apps so I thought why not have a webroot community app instead of logging in on the Internet on your phone. 

When Trojans get downloaded they are currently a) scanned by WRSA and b) may be further scanned by the user with a manual scan. On both these actions WRSA does not quaranteen these files because they are not considered active malware, according to your researcher Dan. I have checked more than 20 such files via Virustotal and not only ESET, Kapserky recognise them as Trojans but even the lowly Windows Defender. Of all these Trojans across 2 weeks, WRSA did not alert when downloaded not afterwards manually scanned, they were passed as OK.

Because the files may have been scanned twice, the average user is going to believe those files are OK and clean according to WRSA and they may pass them on to someone else in their business workflow or to a friend when in fact those files contained malware. Those files can then wreak havoc on another system that is not protected by WRSA.

Fundamental question and request: Upon download and manual scan WRSA is most likely checking those files against an online databse, so why not immediately quaranteen such suspect files or at least alert the user there may be a risk?

Can WRSA deal with such files immediately, using your own online lookup or add the feature to compare on Virustotal.


Thanks for your consideration

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Make WR even less intrusive

Status: New
by rittfeldt on ‎05-08-2016 05:56 AM

Webroot considers itself to be a non intrusive protection solution with less interference etc. And compared to the competitors it might be correct in many cases, but that don’t mean that it cannot be any better. I’ve used webroot for a month or so, and this is my views on this specific topic:


  • First I got a bunch of emails of different kind. Had to unsubscribe one at a time. Keep everything at a minimal and let users opt out already from start.
  • When logging in to the OS, the default setting should be to not see the dock icon. For me it’s just an extra couple of unnecessary clicks to close it.
  • The webroot icon in the menubar should not stand out with it’s green color when every other icon is black & white. Though it’s fine to have a more subtle icon there so that I know that is up and running.
  • I can see why you have popups with reports and such to show the users they really get something from their product. But let users that already understand the value of the product have a setting not to see popups of any kind - unless directly related to any threat. Don’t sell it twice.


For me an AV or FW etc. is something I do not want to interact with - except when absolutely necessary!

Tie WSA into Event Logs

Status: New
by New Voice nxte on ‎03-04-2016 01:48 PM

It would be usefull to me if WSA was able to generate events in the windows event log.  It would make it easier to create scheduled tasks or incorporate data into a SEIM. 


'Windows allows applications to report their own security events to the security log by registering through Authorization Manager with LSA as a security event source using the AuthzRegisterSecurityEventSource function. "

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On May 9, 2016 my laptop was infected with W32.Rogue.Gen  I only found this through another program that I used.  I was never notified by Webroot that I had a Trojan infection.  I went over and signed into the console and it was there (under Pc and Security) that I found that my laptop was infected.   Had I not signed into the console or used another program to identify the Trojan, I would not know that my laptop was infected.  The Trojan is non-existing now.


Here;s my idea:  When your PC gets infected and in using the existing Webroot icon on the task bar that upon infection, the icon turns red and blinks (like a red traffic light) alerting the end user that there's an infection and then from the red blinking webroot icon that there's a link that brings you to the area (console) to view the type of infection and what was the resolution of the infection.  You could also include the notification when you right click on the webroot icon and go from there.  


Thanks for reading and I encourage your comments.

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Spell Check For Posts

Status: New
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎04-15-2016 11:15 AM

I don't know if this idea has ever been presented here but it would be nice to have a spell checker for all posts.  Let me know.  Thank you.   Smiley Very Happy

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I'd like the ability to add additional columns to the command log tab. Under the status column, you are able to view if a command was run, however, it'd be nice to see the user that executed that command by another column. Thanks!

genuine firewall for WIndows 8-10

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎04-17-2016 11:44 AM

this is a real must. No one buys a AV suite without a working firewall. That's obvious. If you want to stay relevant, you must provide a real firewall that works with modern versions of Windows.

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Correct wording to "Add a PC"

Status: New
by New Voice JohnnyReb on ‎04-20-2016 03:52 PM

After receiving the Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete from Amazon, I (new user) installed it on two PCs.  When I created an account and logged into the Webroot PC Security console, I noticed there were no PCs listed.  I thought this was odd since the Webroot installation collected my e-mail address from both PCs.  (Okay, I didn't expect an account to be automatically set up, but I did expect my account to be auto-populated with my two PCs once I did set up an account - how clever!)  When I clicked on "Add a PC", a dialog opened and displayed:


So you want to add a PC to this screen?

    Download the Webroot SecureAnywhere software.  (Sorry, I already installed it from CD)
    Enter one of your Keycodes during installation.  (Yep, I already did that too)
    Once the initial scan has completed, the PC should appear here within a few minutes.  (Initial scan has already been completed hours ago, and it still hasn't shown up here!  Now what?!?)


I sent a message to Webroot Support and, not surprisingly, received a disappointing answer.  Fortunately, I figured it out.  It's not just the initial scan that will "Add a PC", but ANY scan will do.  After opening Webroot SecureAnywere on my first PC and performing a manual "Scan My Computer", I checked my online Webroot PC Security console a few minutes later and my first PC was listed.  When I did the same thing for my second PC, it was finally listed as well.


This all could have been avoided if correct wording was used under "So you want to add a PC to this screen?"  -OR- if the CD box instructions/installation program instructed me to create an Webroot account FIRST, then proceed with the install.



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Define Tech Terms in Layman English

Status: New
by New Voice craby63 on ‎12-22-2015 10:04 AM

Hello to all, would it be possible to have a section that defines Tech terms in layman language like I mean in everyday spoken English for anyone like myself that might be a little behind when it comes to understanding Tech and Computer related words. To be honest I only have fourth grade education so any Smiley Sad and all help would be greatly Smiley Happy appreciated. Simon  

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As apparently the Webroot Chrome link checker extension installed itself over Thanksgiving break, our entire company now has this extension installed (I never pre-approved it) and it puts green check marks and other symbols next to every single link in search pages and other pages with lots of links.


There must be a way of hiding them for those of us who do not want our screen littered with gaudy little icons everywhere. There are a lot of our users who want this extension removed until there is a way to hide them, and let the extensions do their work in the background (perhaps disabling dangerous links or something configurable). I realize you do this so people are aware that it's there protecting them, but not every user needs or wants this much feedback or reassurance. It's a bigger issue that it litters the screen.





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