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I already posted this (or mis-posted this) elsewhere and the gentleman from Webroot suggested I post this here, so be advised that it's a copy and one user responded to my concerns with suggested alternatives which I thought were viable.


I'm in IT and use Complete for several customers, and I want to add more. It would be useful to me to assign a console to each of the customers with multiple users. You can do this but you can't move keycodes from one console to the next as you use licenses. My idea was to always keep a couple extra licenses and use them ad hoc. When I see a computer without an antivirus (or worse, some machine running McAfee or Norton), I'd install Webroot and then take the keycode out of one folder and stick it in another.


Only you can't do that. The admins at Webroot can do it and will but this destroys my idea's utility going forward. It would be great if they could build more flexibility into the console process.


Now, someone might ask why I'm not using a Business product if I'm using it for business customers. First of all, I am probably not familiar with all the differences but I don't know that the web management is different and the Complete seems to be a perfectly good product on the desktop side. I'm buying the 10 packs recently and it seems both cost-effective and easy to maintain.


While I'm shooting off my mouth, everything after the console list screen on the webroot account management site is dog slow, and I'm talking doggggg-slow. This is not time-sensitive or seemingly traffic-related. Did I mention how slow this is?


Right up there on the irritation scale is the persistent imposition of that two-digit security code form. Maybe I'm not thinking it through, but as an ex-web designer, I have been on projects with more than one eager beaver who would just throw an extra screen in there to exercise a new javascript skill and call it a security feature. Ditch this momma (please).


Oh yeah. speaking of needlessly intrusive login machinations, how come I need another login to log into this forum when it's part of the webroot site? At my age, do I need another memory test in the middle of the working day?



Thank you


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When one clicks links in the GUI, for example the Submit Sample button or Get Customer Support, a lot of important info is inside the URL. I haven't been able to determine exactly all that is being sent, but I do see the persons email address and some kind of license ID.
Apart from the fact that this information can be intercepted easily, people may also post their links publicly, unaware of the fact that it may contain sensitive information.

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Due to reliability and speed issues I currently have a two ISP accounts and Lines bonded as one faster account (now looking at a third line) using a TP-Link TL-R470T+ unit. However doing this seems to cause problems when logging in to manage my account and I need to disable all but one line to make this work. This causes me issues, including speed delays. Can the Webroot account Management be adjusted to allow for those of us with a 'bonded' account to work without dismantling the system and then re-enabling please.

I do a manual backup every Saturday.  The Folders screen tells me when the backup is in progress, or done.  The File Transfers screen tells me what files are being backed up, or if 100% complete.  But when it says 100% complete, that does not mean it is really 100% complete, it could still be looking for new files to back up.  So in order to see what is being backed up and to see if it is really done, I have to keep flipping back and forth between these two screens.  Both pieces of infmration should be on the same screen.

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i know is one will proberly not kick off. but i think it will be a good idea if there is a live chat aswell as messages so that you can reply back right away. bit like the chat on facebook. i not sure if you all will agree and if its a stuipd idea.


let me know what you all think.

option to turn off "did you know?" messages

Status: New
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎09-02-2015 12:15 PM

i know this is not really a idea and most people like the did you know messages but sometimes it gets annoying. so i think there should be a option to turn them off.


Just a idea.


Thanks Adam.

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top known viruses list

Status: New
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎09-02-2015 12:05 PM

hi all not sure if there is one already but would be great to know what viruses are out and new ones that are targeting our systems. like a list of the top 10 ect...


let me know if there is already something as such and where to find it if this already exsits.


Thanks Adam.

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phone tracking app

Status: New
by Sr. Community Guide on ‎08-27-2015 12:30 PM

not sure if there is already one but on the webroot phone app can there be a locater for when your phone gets lost or nicked off some on. so that you can trace it?


Sorry for all the ideas i coming up with. Smiley Happy

Let's say a thief steals your phone, as phone thiefs tend to do. One of the first things they will do is turn the device off to help keep the product from being tracked, just in case. Once they get home or whever they want to toy with the phone, they will have to turn it back on to try to unlock the device or factory reset it.


Therefore, I would like to see Webroot SecureAnyhere upload the location of the device to the users Webroot account whenever the device is turned on or off. That could potentially be the one difference in locating a stolen device. 

This enhancement/suggestion is certainly not necessary but would be helpful in certain situations. 


By adding a more simple method to filter the viewing of the Active Connections and Active Processes, it would simplify and speed up the process of viewing (ONLY) those in a blocked or monitored condition.   


While the current screens provide the above-mentioned information it is a bit unwieldy when forced to scroll through many lines of information while looking for blocked or monitored conditions.  Sometimes an active process or connection is temporary and if you don’t catch it quickly while it is being executed, you can miss out on valuable troubleshooting information.


This would be most helpful to the non-techie user who is probably overwhelmed by the amount of information on the screen when trying to troubleshoot if WSA is preventing their application or function from working properly.

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gui modernization

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎07-04-2015 07:24 AM

a new eye pleasing gui without Popeye's food colors is urgently needed to fit into W10 overall look and feel

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In the Group Management tab, while viewing the endpoints list there is the Scan History pane at the bottom of the screen.


When having opened to view a specific client's item of Scan History, then, in order to view the next one, we have to close the one that is currently open and then open the next one or the previous one.


It is not rare that we would want to view the batches of files being detected consecutively at each "timestamp" being offered by the scans. It gives a totally different perspective than when viewing all the files detected for a specific client.


We need this to determine what went on and when, and the history behind that.


If in every opened Search History item we had navigation buttons to load the next item and the previous item it would be much easier for tracking the actual history behind some important for us threat detections.



I didn't find anything relevant in the previous feature requests, but if I only missed it, please inform me as to move this under an already existing relevant thread.



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Status: New
by infogest on ‎06-24-2015 12:58 PM

Would you consider to add in WRSA antispam filter integrated i.e. with Outlook, Thunderbird etc... ?


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