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Applying Default DNS policy to Site

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Applying Default DNS policy to Site

In the GSM, a client's site was selected to Manage. On the Site's Management > DNS tab, "Enable SecureAnywhere DNS" was selected. The "Default DNS Policy" field is set to "Default DNS Policy" and is not editable. The attached tag for the field states "...can be modified under Global Settings DNS tab."


On the Global Settings DNS tab, there are three existing policies, and new custom policies can be created. However, there is no readily apparrent method to change the Default DNS policy for the site to any policy other than the pre-selected Defaut DNS policy. The Default policy may be edited, but there is no apparent method to change the site default to another existing policy.


Further, in the site Policies, "Install DNS Protection" can be turned on for a specific policy, but here also there is no method for applying a specific DNS Policy.


Other than editing the Default DNS Policy itself, how does one select or apply a specific DNS policy as default for a site, or apply a DNS policy other than the Default to a device? 

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Retired Webrooter

Re: Applying Default DNS policy to Site

@SPCW_Inc, please submit a ticket to our Team so they can further assist you.

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Re: Applying Default DNS policy to Site

A ticket has been submitted. The "DNS Protection KB" area of this site has exactly "0" posts of any kind, no information at all regarding the DNS feature, and it's been available for several months now. Why does this KB even exist? Where are customers getting information about using this product?

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Re: Applying Default DNS policy to Site

Thanks for submitting that ticket and for letting us know that you're looking for more DNS content. If you haven't seen the PDF yet, I've added it here for you. 


Just to help our team out, what questions about DNS could we help you answer? This will really help us create the articles that will go into the DNS Protection KB. 



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Re: Applying Default DNS policy to Site

From Support

Currently the Agent only uses the "Default DNS policy" we are looking into building out the features of this new product. One of those said features would be able to create groups and custom policies for those groups using the agent."



So it appears that Custom DNS profiles are worthless, and despite being selectable, are ignored by the system.


To say I'm unhappy,  is an massive understatement !!


Re: Applying Default DNS policy to Site

@Bertie40, it might be easiest to discuss this one of our SEs as there is a bit more that we can provide. Let me know if you would like to set up a call. Our current functionality differs depending on your deployment:

- For Agent deployments, there is a single policy across ALL sites for the entire MSP. The ability to setup groups and set policy by groups or devices will be coming (likely in April).

- For IP/Network deployments, you have the ability to set policies specific to each site or each IP. They are treated differently.

Please let us know if you have questions and we will be happy to assist you further.

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