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Mac Folder Whitelisting Format



I need to whitelist a few network shares for Mac clients, but not clear on the format to use. When an infection is detected it is reported in email and the console like the following: \Volumes\ShareName\FileName.exe. Using this I set the whitelist for "\Volumes\ShareName\" however, OSX uses the format /Volumes/ShareName/ natively. Should I use that format instead?


TL;DR - What is the correct path format to use in the management console when creating folder overrides for Mac clients?


Re: Mac Folder Whitelisting Format

Hello @nicbot, it would be best to contact our support team so they can assist you with this. You can call them 1-866-254-8400 or open a ticket

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Anna - Webroot Sr. Advocate Programs Manager
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Re: Mac Folder Whitelisting Format

The answer from support for anyone who's interested:


"To clarify you cannot add whitelists for Mac endpoints from the Webroot online console - these need to be added manually per endpoint by opening the Webroot UI > cog wheel next to Mac Security > Block/Allow files."


That's a bummer if you are managing more than a few Mac endpoints.