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Product Update Bulletin: Windows and Mac Endpoint Updates


Product Update Bulletin: Windows and Mac Endpoint Updates

We released an update for all Mac endpoints this morning; however, the timing for reaching a specific endpoint will be based on the polling interval of that endpoint.


Mac endpoints will receive new browser extensions for Web Threat Shield. Please share information regarding this release with your clients; it will be a visible change initiated by the browser upon receiving the update, which will ask end users to accept the new extension. View a recording of the user experience here.


These updates lay important groundwork for enabling policy management for Macs and will bring agent functionality across Mac and Windows endpoints into parity.  


Through the months of June and July, Windows endpoints will receive agent updates, including a new Web Threat Shield browser extension for Firefox. The agent update will be largely silent; however, clients who use older versions of Firefox (v. 47 and below) will see a notification to accept the new browser extension when it is installed.


We will be updating the Webroot SecureAnywhere® agents for Mac later in June, with a console release planned for end of July to fully enable Mac Policy Management.


Windows Updates Product Bulletin


Mac Updates Product Bulletin


You'll receive further communications the week before we release these updates.

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Anna - Webroot Sr. Advocate Programs Manager