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Product Update: PC Agent Version

Frequent Voice

Re: Product Update: PC Agent Version

I don't get any update email either, even I keep receiving notification about Webinar from Webroot. So, no, our antispam filters don't block Webroot emails. I also double manually checked, but again, no update email from
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Re: Product Update: PC Agent Version

@AShafer wrote:

Thank you so much for raising this.  


I'm a product marketing manager here at Webroot, and improving the capture rate for our Product Bulletins is one of my pet projects.  I've made several changes to the process, including how we pull data for the email send, but there is clearly still some room for improvement.


You should be receiving an email a week or two prior to updates from  We have seen issues in the past where spam filters catch the email and move it to a different folder (not always spam).  Gmail-based email systems and those using Barracuda seem to have the most trouble receiving our updates.  


If you haven't been receiving the emails, and feel like you should have, please DM me your email address, and I'll look into it further.  


And, thank you for helping us improve our communication flow.




@akim @AShafer


This is the same for us. We have received no e-mail notification of a new product release. We are also highly concerned as a company that we received no notification of the issues that necessitated this release (Netlogon crashes, SMB share issues, File Explorer/Chrome software issues causing serious performance impact), which would have given us the jump on troubleshooting and notifying our clients of potential impact. We spent a week troubleshooting multiple issues, when it turns out they were known by others and Webroot.


Anna, Amber, we desperately need some form of e-mail feed that communicates with partners. It needs to communicate the following:


  • Any new product release (or, if there are current issues with a release, beta/RC releases)
  • Any discovered issue that could lead to potential client impact, being experienced in the wild
  • Any remediation or steps being taken to resolve such a discovered issue.
  • Any ETA to resolution times (or time updates) on the steps being taken

We need this to be consistent, on time, and clear. It might (depending on partner opinion) be useful to also automatically create a forum topic when particular announcements are made for comment, so that this is also linked in the e-mail for immediate discussion and troubleshooting information from other Webroot partners. Such a process would greatly increase customer confidence in Webroot if done properly and consistently (assuming issues are resolved in a timely fashion).  We have over a thousand endpoints spread across multiple clients, and this is a sore need.  I can't stress enough how important this is to us as your client; I hope this will be discussed internally.

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New Voice

Re: Product Update: PC Agent Version

We never received an email and now we have several endpoints on    I do get Webroot emails so I don't think the issue is on my end.   

New Voice

Re: Product Update: PC Agent Version

We had and now have the same issue again! Have reported this to Support.


With the impending demise of Windows 7 we really need Webroot to work otherwise we will start looking for another solution.