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1 in 10 Android apps infected with malware: report

Commnet: New report out on Android apps malware 1 in 10 infected.


By  Tom Paye Published  August 4, 2014


One in ten apps on the Android ecosystem is infected with malware, according to a study recently conducted by Cheetah Mobile.


The company said that collected 24.4m sample files in the first six months of 2014, and that, upon analysis, 2.2m turned out to be infected with malware. That works out to an infection rate of around 9%.


Perhaps more worryingly, the study noted that 2014's figures suggested an infection rate that was 20.5 times greater than in 2012. Even since 2013, the study suggested that malware infection on Android had grown by 2.5 times full article here/

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