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1 in 5 enterprises experienced an APT attack

By: HNS Staff/ Posted on 09 July 2014.


An ISACA global study shows that one in 5 organizations (21 percent) have experienced an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack, and 66 percent believe it’s only a matter of time before their enterprise is hit by an APT. Yet only 15 percent of enterprises believe they are very prepared for an APT attack. And among the companies that have been attacked, only one in three could determine the source.

“APTs are stealthy, relentless and single-minded, and their primary purpose is to extract information such as valuable research, intellectual property or government data,” said Tony Hayes, ISACA’s immediate past international president.




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Community Leader

Re: 1 in 5 enterprises experienced an APT attack

The following article is a update on APT Attacks


(PittyTiger APT group sells its services to companies) 


By/Zeljka Zorz HNS Managing Editor/ Posted on 15 July 2014.


APT attackers thought to be operating from China often seem financed by the government, but there are other groups that work for the highest bidder, which is usually a private sector company looking for information that will squash their competition.

One such group is Pitty Tiger, so named by security researchers on account of remote access tool (RAT) they seem to favour and which has been used exclusively by them.

The group is thought to have been active since 2011 (possibly even earlier), and has been targeting a number of private companies operating in different sectors: defense, telecommunication, government, energy, and even web development. According to the researchers from AIRBUS Defence & Space's CyberSecurity unit, most of these firms are based in Europe.


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