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10 ways to protect yourself from the zero-day IE exploit

10 ways to protect yourself from the zero-day IE exploit
by Don Reisinger 

It seems with each passing day, there's something else for Web users to worry about. Whether it's the prospect of government spying or plain old security issues, no one is safe from what's out there. That became abundantly clear recently when Microsoft revealed that a zero-day exploit is affecting Internet Explorer and wreaking havoc on some users' machines.

What's worse, since the software giant is no longer patching Windows XP, finding a fix for that operating system is a pain.

Still, there are ways for Windows users to safeguard themselves from the possible issues associated with the latest zero-day exploit. Having updated security software will help, as will not trusting Adobe's Flash, which always seems to be a bit of an issue for security-seekers. It's also a good idea to be wary of links in emails until this issue has been resolved. In other words, it's time for 

a refresher on keeping yourself secure. 


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