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20 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From Adobe


20 Stollen PWs.jpg

(Source: Mashable) 


The Top 20

  1. 123456

  2. 123456789

  3. password

  4. adobe123

  5. 12345678

  6. qwerty

  7. 1234567

  8. 111111

  9. photoshop

  10. 123123

  11. 1234567890

  12. 000000

  13. abc123

  14. 1234

  15. adobe1

  16. macromedia

  17. azerty

  18. iloveyou

  19. aaaaaa

  20. 654321


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Mike R

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Re: 20 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From Adobe

OH Oh... I think I better go change Community and Account Console passwords.. be right back...





 Smiley Happy


No.. I didn't really have to do that.  I use the Password Generator in the WSA Password Manager for most sites.  You won't be getting into my accounts using these simple ones, but it is TRULY scary how commonly all of the above list is used!



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Re: 20 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From Adobe


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Re: 20 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From Adobe

LOL. Love the picture.
Corey B.
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