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3 Tips to Simplify College Life

Retired Webrooter

3 Tips to Simplify College Life

1. Use a bike to commute around campus and avoid those annoying parking tickets. Become familiar with your campus bike station if they have one. You'll never know when you might get a flat tire or a loose chain.


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2. Become aquainted with your professor or TA on day one. You may be suprised how many of them would be willing to grab a coffee or bite to eat outside of the classroom. Establishing these connections early on can be instrumental in your college success.




3. Protect your devices and personal information. Wifi hotspots in and around campus can be dangerous territory. An unprotected computer or smartphone is vulnerable to theft and hackers after your passwords, work and financial information. Protect yourself wherever you go with Webroot SecureAnywhere, now at a special *Back-to-School price


*Offer ends September 12th 2013

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