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7 ways DARPA is trying to kill the password

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By Martyn Williams | IDG News Service


A seemingly constant stream of data breaches and this week's news that Russian hackers have amassed a database of 1.2 billion Internet credentials has many people asking: Isn't it time we dumped the user name and password?

A lot of the best technology of today exploits biometric factors such as retina patterns, fingerprints, and voice analysis, but beyond that a number of researchers are looking to tap into the way we think, walk and breathe to differentiate between us and an intruder.


The technologies exploit data that's already available inside devices, but utilize it in new ways, said Richard Guidorizzi, program manager of the project at DARPA.

"Except during lab testing, we did not need to create new devices to attach to your phone and drain your battery. They were able to use what was already there with a great deal of success," he said.

So, when might they be available? The project is still going on, but it seems to be attracting interest.


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Re: 7 ways DARPA is trying to kill the password

Good morning Anthony!  Excellent article... Thank you!

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