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Adblock Plus Expands Anti-Tracking Privacy Tool

Adblock Plus, the #1 most popular browser extension for blocking annoying online advertisements, today announced that it has doubled the number of tracking filters in its EasyPrivacy block list in order to expand its usefulness as a do-not-track privacy tool.

Adblock Plus is known primarily as an ad-blocking tool, built upon a series of open-source, volunteer-maintained filter lists which must constantly evolve to respond to new ad formats and delivery methods. One of the filter lists that Adblock Plus offers is called EasyPrivacy, which blocks tracking resources such as cookies, scripts and tracking pixels. Tracking resources are hidden on websites and run mainly in the background in order to create unique profiles for users, which are often sold to advertising or targeting companies. For example, EasyPrivacy blocks 13 elements on EasyPrivacy allows users who do not want to be followed around the web to block these tracking attempts.


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Re: Adblock Plus Expands Anti-Tracking Privacy Tool

Cheers Jasper


I use AdBlock Plus so this is of great interest, and good news.








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