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Adobe Flash Player v.11.9.900.152 & Adobe Air

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New Adobe Flash build has been released today. Nov 12, 2013


Click here to check your version and Here to Download and here is an Alternate Download make sure you uncheck any unwanted add-ons and download both the one for IE and the other for other Browsers such as Firefox & Opera plugins!


Be sure to uncheck any unwanted add-ons.


Adobe Air Download:


Daniel :smileywink:



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Re: Adobe Flash Player v.11.9.900.152 & Adobe Air

Thanks Daniel for the heads up on the update. Smiley Wink

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Re: Adobe Flash Player v.11.9.900.152 & Adobe Air

As usual, TH informs all of us about the important updates - these are very valuable informations.
Thanks a lot DanielSmiley Happy





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Re: Adobe Flash Player v.11.9.900.152 & Adobe Air

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Everyone should know that @TripleHelix is doing them a great favor by linking to the alternate download location. The Flash installer that Adobe forces on home users is crappy and can load other programs.


The second link is to where Adobe hides the CLEAN Flash installers with all the junk ripped out. Bookmark that link right now.


For Adobe Reader, people in the know get their installers from here:


Note that the latest Reader version folder may not always have an EXE in it because that version is delivered via a .MSP patch only. Go back a version or two to find the one with the EXE in it, like here 


Unfortunately, Adobe backtracked on a policy change I thought they made to always distribute the latest version as a complete EXE package.

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