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An end to computer viruses? Start-up claims it can stop malware

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An end to computer viruses? Start-up claims it can stop malware

An Israeli start-up claims its software will put an end to all viruses and malware, even anticipating attacks and blocking them before they are created.

That’s because viruses are copycats, said Liran Tancman, CEO and co-founder of the 10-person software firm Cyactive. Creating new code for each new piece of malware is expensive and impractical – and nearly impossible, he said.

"There has never been a documented attack that has not used at least one recycled component," Tancman, who headed cybersecurity at an elite military intelligence unit in Israel, told in a phone call. "Hackers modify the original code and then, voilà! A new threat is born."

But not everyone is ready to jump on the bandwagon. Claims of a cure for all computer viruses are made all the time, PC Magazine editor Neil Rubenking, a leading cybersecurity expert, told

"This claim gets made year after year, again and again," he wrote in an email. He said a similar product called Prevx “created a very nice behavior-analysis tool some years ago.” And Cyactive might even be simpler than that product, he said.

"[Cyactive is] just looking for re-used code from known malware. I'll be interested to see if it holds up in testing by the independent labs. But just looking at the claims, I see nothing new."


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I think it is VERY early days for it personally, it seems a bit too simplistic to me but Prevx/Webroot gets a mention.  beta_tester_transparent.png

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Re: An end to computer viruses? Start-up claims it can stop malware

Hi Jasper


Know where you are coming from re. that...but if anyone can then they can (or of course...the Russian or Chinese, as the big cyber warefare hitter, along with the Israelis).  But as you say...time will tell whether they can get close to what WSA can (and Prevx before it the mention as it brought back good memories) do.






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