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Analysis of the Stuxnet Cyber Weapon Family and Dragonfly

This is quite an interesting article on Stuxnet and it's family.
by paganinip on August 4th, 2014
Stuxnet family 2

Cyber weapons like Stuxnet will only grow in prevalence, use and sophistication and it is therefore in the interest of national security to develop advanced mitigation techniques and capabilities.

The progenitor of Duqu, Flame and Gauss are reported as the authors of STUXNET. As illustrated, the trend of advancements between these four cyber weapons suggests a push for more sophisticated cyber weapons in conjunction with advanced defensive capabilities to mitigate use of cyber weapons against the US and her allies. The DRAGONFLY campaign targeted Industrial Control Systems in active espionage and intelligence gathering and the attribution of this campaign to Russia raises the question of whether or not the world is actively engaged in the next phase of cyber weapons development.


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