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Android vulnerability still a threat after nearly two years

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Android vulnerability still a threat after nearly two years

Comment: We are still vulnerable to JavaScript code injection


By Lucian Constantin
August 1, 2014 12:54 PM ET

IDG News Service - Security researchers have recently found a vulnerability that could be used to hijack Android apps and devices, but an older issue that can have the same effect remains a significant threat nearly two years after its discovery, according to security firm Bromium.

The issue was reported in December 2012 and concerns an Android API (application programming interface) called addJavascriptInterface that allows applications to expose their native code to Web code running inside a WebView, an instance of Android's Web browser engine.

A large number of applications and advertising frameworks embedded into applications use WebView to display Web content loaded from remote servers -- for example, ads. The problem is that many of these apps don't load the WebView content over an encrypted HTTPS (HTTP Secure) connection.

This lack of data transport encryption allows attackers who intercept connections coming from such an app to inject rogue JavaScript code into its traffic. This is known as a man-in-the-middle attack and there are several methods to pull it off, especially on wireless networks.


ComputerWorld/ Full Article Here/


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Community Leader

Re: Android vulnerability still a threat after nearly two years

The following article is a update.

(Nearly half of all Android devices are still vulnerable to two serious browser exploits)

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