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Anonymous Targets Ferguson, Missouri in #OpFerguson; DDoS Attack on Local PD Web Site

By: Lucian Ciolacu/ Posted on 8/19/2014


The Anonymous hacktivist group has targeted the Ferguson, Missouri administration and police department web site in an operation dubbed #OpFerguson, according to an announcement on Pastebin.

The #OpFerguson campaign started shortly after a police officer shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. At the same time, protests calling attention to racial discrimination grew and a curfew was enforced as the National Guard was called in to stop the movement.

Photo Credit: Operation Ferguson web site

“St. Louis County Police tells NBC News they are under `some sort of cyber-attack’ and that their e-mail has been down since last evening,” said NBC News reporter Tom Winter.


HotforSecurity/ Full Article Here/

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