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Anonymous Ukraine leaks seven million credit card details

Anonymous Ukraine says that it has information on "more than 800 million credit cards", and has leaked the first million of those with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accounts onto a public forum.


Anonymous Ukraine pasted the first batch of card information on Pastebin on Tuesday and initial analysis from researchers at Risk Based Security revealed that this comprised 955,579 cards in total.


The group – which reportedly hacked NATO in November - has archives containing Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover customer data, with this appearing to include valid credit card numbers, banking routing numbers and full user names.


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Re: Anonymous Ukraine leaks seven million credit card details

Here is another read on this subject


International hacktivist group Anonymous is causing fear within the business and technology community once again, after a supposed Anonymous spokesperson warned that World Cup sponsors are next on the hit list.

In an interview with Reuters, a masked hacker going by the name of Che Commodore revealed that preparations have already begun for a full-scale cyber-attack on sponsors such as Coca Cola, Budweiser, Emirates Airlines and Adidas.



By by Ashish Patel - Network Security UKI at McAfee - Thursday, 5 June 2014.


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