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Automakers Openly Challenged To Bake In Security

Comment: The auto makers are being asked to beef up their security with the new cars comming on the market, particularly in their features.


By: Kelly Jackson Higgins  Posted on 8/8/2014


DEF CON 22 -- Las Vegas -- Efforts to pressure the automobile industry into better locking down cyber security in automated features of modern cars intensified today as a collective of security researchers sent the CEOs at major auto firms an open letter calling for them to adopt a new five-star cyber safety program.

The so-called I Am The Cavalry group, a grass roots organization that formed a year ago at DEF CON 21 to bridge the massive gap between the cyber security research commun... outlined the Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety Program aimed at ensuring public safety in the face of increasingly connected and automated vehicles.

The voluntary program is all about building security into the computerized features of modern vehicles. Vulnerabilities in car automation systems have been exposed by security researchers, including Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who this week at Black Hat USA shared their newest research on remote attack surfaces in cars. Miller and Valasek studied how different vehicles' automation and networked features are configured and the potential for an attacker to exploit them to mess with steering, parking, and other automated features.


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