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Business feud DDoS attack lasts for 38 days

By Ian Barker/ Posted on 8/20/2014


Business argument

Back in May we reported on Incapsula's packet filtering solution for combating DDoS attacks. Today the company reveals details of how its ‘Behemoth’ system has mitigated a massive multi-vector DDoS attack.

The attack lasted 38 days, during which Incapsula's scrubbing servers filtered out 50+ petabits (51,000+ terabits) of malicious traffic. While the attackers did switch between several targets, they consistently targeted the websites of one Incapsula client -- a video game company.


The game company was clearly the true target of the attack. This combined with the extreme determination of the attackers has led Incapsula to conclude that it was the result of a business feud. The goal being to take down the company's online business.

The theory is reinforced by the fact that most of the malicious packets were coming from the same IP ranges. This indicates that the attackers had access to powerful network resources that were strong and reliable enough to keep up a sustained offensive. Not what you'd expect from an off-the-shelf botnet.


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