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CIA chief admits agency employees hacked Senate computers

Comment: the CIA confirmed employee's have accessed sensitive data from Senate staffers.


Author: XZeljka Zorz HNS Managing Editor/ Posted on 01 August 2014.


CIA Director John Brennan has confirmed that five CIA employees have, indeed, "improperly accessed" computers of Senate staffers and the computer network that was set up to help the Senate Intelligence Committee review the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program and compile a report.

The alleged breach was investigated by CIA's Inspector General David Buckley, who shared with the Committee that the agency's initial claim that Senate staff has accessed protected classified documents was based on inaccurate information.

He also said that they discovered that five CIA employees have accessed the aforementioned dedicated network, and have searched through and read some Senate staffers emails for evidence.


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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Re: CIA chief admits agency employees hacked Senate computers

I can't believe they are getting off scott free on this one.

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Re: CIA chief admits agency employees hacked Senate computers

Once again, government bodies admit to wrong doing and there is no action taken. The saying "you can't fight City Hall" that I was constantly told growing up appears to ring true!


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