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Competition to crack a virtual terrorist HDD, break into CCTV systems

Comment: Another challenge for our amateur's sleuths to investigate terrorists computers systems.


By/ HNS Staff/ Posted on 01 August 2014.


Sophos is calling amateur security talent to turn sleuth and to investigate confiscated crime scene computer systems belonging to a cyber terrorist group as part of the latest Cyber Security Challenge.

Assignment Flag Drive is the second competition in the 2014/15 program of online and face-to-face cyber battles.

This latest program sees the introduction of a new nemesis - The Flag Day Associates - the Challenge's first recurring characters who will feature prominently in a storyline throughout this year’s competition.

The fictitious Flag Day Associates first appeared at the end of last year’s Masterclass' awards ceremony in March this year, via a threat video featuring three masked individuals warning of a future cyber attack on the UK. The video below and further 'secret' details embedded within revealed a possible date of the cyber attack


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