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Cyber-Security Jobs: Young Adults Show Little Interest in the Field

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Cyber-Security Jobs: Young Adults Show Little Interest in the Field

Despite the seemingly never-ending stream of cyber-attacks, a new study shows some surprising trends about the cyber-security talent pipeline.
Far from being a cyclical, seasonal market, the cyber-security business is constantly growing, and demand is high for skilled IT professionals who understand the needs of modern IT security. Yet a new study, sponsored by Raytheon and conducted by Zogby Analytics, shows surprisingly little interest from young adults in pursuing a career in cyber-security.

Based on a survey in September of 1,000 adults in the U.S., from ages 18 to 26, the study found that only 24 percent of those polled expressed a desire to pursue a cyber-security career. In contrast, 40 percent of the respondents were interested in a career in the entertainment business, and 32 percent were interested in being an app designer/developer.

Among those attracted to the cyber-security field, the study found a gender gap. Young men gravitated more to cyber-security careers than young women.

"As a father of a young daughter, I was surprised and a little disheartened by the gender gap of those interested in a career in cyber-security," Jordan Wiens, cyber-engineering lead at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services, told eWEEK.


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With the increased complexity of cyber attacks, it is certainly a challenging career and if the article is correct there should be more emphasis placed on the need for young talented people to take up careers in this field.

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