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Cybercrooks developing dangerous new file-encrypting ransomware, researchers warn

A team of malware developers is preparing to sell a new ransomware  program that encrypts files on infected computers and asks victims for  money to recover them, according to a volunteer group of security  researchers who tracked the development of the threat on underground  forums in recent weeks.


The new malware is called PowerLocker and its development was most  likely inspired by the success of the CryptoLocker ransomware Trojan  program that infected more than 250,000 computers since September.


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Re: Cybercrooks developing dangerous new file-encrypting ransomware, researchers warn

The following article is a update on Ransomware


(New Android ransomware pretends to be FBI porn warning)


By/ Ian Barker/ Posted on July 17 2014


Smartphone-anger-200x300.jpgThe large number of devices out there means that Android is becoming an increasingly popular target for malware writers. Ransomware which has previously been a mainly Windows problem is becoming an issue too.

The latest piece of malware discovered by mobile security specialist Lookout attempts to extort money with a scary message claiming to be from the FBI. It claims the user has broken the law by visiting pornography and child abuse websites.

Called ScarePakage, the malware masquerades as well-known apps, like Adobe Flash and a number of anti-virus applications, and pretends to scan your phone when launched. After completing the fake scan it locks your device. You can't navigate away and if you try to reboot, the FBI message will be the first thing you see when you turn back on.


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