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DDoS attacks getting larger - and more common

Major denial of service attacks are becoming more common - and could put a greater strain on networks, security experts have warned.

Content delivery network CloudFlare said it had detected the biggest distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on record - and that it took only a seventh of the power needed for a similar attack on anti-spam campaigners Spamhaus last year.

CEO Matthew Prince said one customer had been targeted by the attack earlier this week, though he wouldn't say which it was.

The only people who would have noticed would be customers directly affected by it and CloudFlare

In a post discussing the technical details of the attack, CloudFlare said the attack peaked at 400Gbits/sec - the biggest on record. The attack used more than 4,000 vulnerable servers around the world across more than 1,000 networks.

By comparison, last year's Spamhaus attack peaked at 300Gb/sec but involved more than 30,000 servers.

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