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Details of 74,000 People Stored on Laptops Stolen from Coca Cola [WSJ]

On Friday, the Coca Cola Company submitted a data security breach report to the California Office of the Attorney General. The details of 74,000 people have been exposed after some laptops had been stolen from the company’s Atlanta headquarters.

The report submitted to the OAG doesn’t contain too much information. However, the Wall Street Journal has learned that a total of 74,000 contractors, employees and suppliers are impacted.

18,000 people are being notified because their social security numbers had been stored on the stolen devices. An additional 56,000 individuals are being notified because their driver’s license numbers and other personal information had been exposed.

Apparently, the laptops were stolen by a former employee who was in charge of maintaining or disposing of equipment. The devices have been recovered, and the company says there's no evidence that the information stored on them has been misused.

The letter sent to the OAG reveals that Coca Cola is offering free credit monitoring services to affected individuals.

The beverage company’s policies dictate that laptops must be encrypted to prevent data breaches. However, the laptops that were stolen were not encrypted.


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