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EFF releases Chrome, Firefox plugin to block third-party tracking

By by Zach Miners    Jul 21, 2014


One feature aims to stop tracking tied to clicking the Facebook 'like' on outside sites


The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital privacy rights group, has released a downloadable plugin for Chrome and Firefox designed to stop third parties from tracking people's Web browsing.


The tool, Privacy Badger, is in beta and comes following an alpha launch several months ago. Since then more than 150,000 people have installed it, the EFF said Monday.


The extension is not meant to block online ads outright. It's a broader privacy tool designed to stop third parties from gathering a record of the pages people visit across the Web.


"Our aim is not to block ads, but to prevent non-consensual invasions of people's privacy because we believe they are inherently objectionable," the group says.


However, because third-party trackers often exist to serve ads, Privacy Badger users will likely see less of them.


The tool is also designed to stop the tracking that happens when people click on social media widgets such as the Facebook "like" or Twitter tweet button on sites outside of Facebook or Twitter.

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Re: EFF releases Chrome, Firefox plugin to block third-party tracking

The EFF is moving in the right direction as we need more and more counter technology to stay up with our privacy being taken away. its a battle for sure the question who will win??

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Re: EFF releases Chrome, Firefox plugin to block third-party tracking

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I've been using it while it was in alpha, and it works quite well.  There are a few sites that it breaks that I have to turn it off for, but it is seamless everywhere else.