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Evernote hit by denial of service attack

By Tim Hornya  Jun 11, 2014


Evernote was resuming operations early Wednesday following a denial of service attack.

The archiving software and services company said its online services had been unavailable and that users may experience problems accessing their accounts.

"We're actively working to neutralize a denial of service attack," the company wrote on Twitter early Wednesday.

DOS attacks bombard a server with traffic, which can slow it down or cause it go offline altogether.

Launched in 2008, Evernote has grown to over 100 million users, a milestone it announced last month. The incident marked the first successful DOS attack on the company in years.


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Re: Evernote hit by denial of service attack

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Retired Webrooter

Re: Evernote hit by denial of service attack

Wow, that will be inconvenient for a lot of folks.  I know people who keep their whole lives in there.