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Facebook "wanch naked video of friends" malware scam infects 2 million people

We have seen a lot of Facebook malware and virus infections spreading through friends list, and this time a new clickjacking scam campaign is going viral on Facebook.
Hackers spam Facebook timeline with a friend's picture and "See (Friend)'s naked video," or "(Friend Name's) Private Video."
The Picture appears to be uploaded by a friend and definitely, you might want to see some of your Facebook friends naked, But Beware! If you get curious and click, you will be redirected to a malicious website reports that your Flash Player is not working properly and needs to be re-installed.
But in actuality it will install a malware in your system and once approved, several disguised thing can happen to you. It further installs a malicious browser extension to spread the scam and steal users’ photos.

Facebook 'Watch naked video of friends' malware scam infects 2 million people.jpg


"When the link is clicked, users are sent to a very realistic-looking mockup of a YouTube page, where the hackers will try to immediately install the Malware Trojan." wltx reports.

So, Don't Click it! According to the report, 2 million Facebook users are already infected with the same malware campaign and unknowingly flood their friend's timeline will same campaign. Clicking on the message will automatically publish the same link on the victims Facebook wall potentially allowing friends to click on it.
Malware often takes advantage of the fact that you trust your friends. So, keep an eye on the links and messages from your friends, and if in doubt, ask them they actually sent you something or not.
The recent malware attacks are just a few examples of the dangers of using the social network Facebook. Stay safe by keeping your browser up-to-date and install operating system updates when they are released. Please ensure you share this news with your Facebook friends to make all of them aware of it.


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Re: Facebook "wanch naked video of friends" malware scam infects 2 million people

The following article is a update on Malware Scams on Facebook


(Funny Facebook video scam leaves unamusing Trojan)


Comment:For all of us using Facebook be careful on this one this specific malware extracts a large amount of data from your browser and redirects to a malicious exe.


By: HNS Staff/ Posted on 21.07.2014


A new funny video spreading on Facebook leaves a not-so-hilarious Trojan in its wake on users’ computers, according to research by Bitdefender. The malware, believed to originate from Albania, can access a large amount of data from the user’s internet browser.

 The scam begins with what appears to be a funny video of a Facebook friend. Once the video is clicked on, users are directed to a fake YouTube page, which then redirects them to a malicious Flash Player.exe for an Adobe update.


Help Net Security/ full read here/

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Re: Facebook "wanch naked video of friends" malware scam infects 2 million people

The following article is a update on FaceBook Scams

(Top 10 Facebook scams)


By HNS Staff/ Posted on 01 August 2014.


American singer and actress Taylor Swift has lost her scam mojo, as her fake sex tape spreading on Facebook was excluded from the top ten most successful scams, according to Bitdefender. An analysis revealed the celebrity is no longer as popular as last year, when bogus videos of her managed to spread malware on the social network.

Millions of users fall for Facebook scams every year and while Taylor Swift no longer features in the top 10, Rihanna continues to be the most tempting celebrity used as a hook for malware delivery via social media.

A free trip to Disneyland was also excluded from the list, while “guess who viewed your profile” scams keep a steady first place in the panel, comprising almost one third of the total. “Change your Facebook color” schemes now circulate internationally and claim 7.38 per cent of the total number of scams.


Help Net Security/ Full Article Here/

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