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Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

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Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

As usual, for a scammer, money trumps human decency and compassion.


Less than a week after Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down in Ukraine, cybercriminals are up to their usual tricks, quickly using the tragedy to 'turn a dishonest penny' by exploiting victims of  the disaster - in this case, by setting up fake Facebook tribute pages for the victims.


According to The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's SCAMwatch website:


"The Facebook pages direct people to a blog that says it has information on flight MH17, and when the user clicks on the link to the blog they are subject to a series of pop-up advertisements. If the user clicks on the advertisement, scammers then make money from the 'click-through' by driving potential customers to a business's website."


You can read the full story here


MH17 Disaster Scam.jpg



--Yegor P--
Social Media Content Coordinator

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Community Leader

Re: Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

This articles turns my stomach................these low life's are taking advantage of the family's of the victims of the crash for monetary gain what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Community Leader

Community Leader

Re: Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

The following is a update on Fake Facebook Posts


(Fake Air Force One Crash Messages Posted on Hacked WSJ Facebook Page)


Comment:Here's another one for the records that everything posted on Facebook is factual(NOT) about Air Force One crashing.


By Eduard Kovacs on July 21, 2014


Unknown hackers hijacked the official Facebook page of the Wall Street Journal on Sunday and posted bogus headlines.

One of the posts published by the hackers claimed that Air Force One, the aircraft carrying the president of the United States, had possibly crashed over Russian airspace. The announcement came just days after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down as it transited eastern Ukraine, but many of the Internet users who saw the post on the WSJ's Facebook page suspected that it was the work of hackers.

"BREAKING: US Air Force One crash feared as air traffic controller loses contact with pilot over Russian air space," read the message posted by the hackers. A second post published only minutes later claimed Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, was preparing to address the nation in 15 minutes.


SecurityWeek/ Full Read Here/

Community Leader

Community Leader

Re: Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

Thats really low! What happened to that plane was a terrible tradgedy, families are mourning and these low lifes us it to steal from people who want to help those who lost their loved ones.




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Re: Fake Facebook Tribute Pages Exploit MH17 Tragedy

The following article is a update on Facebook Scams


(Facebook scams now lead to exploit kits)


Comment:  Attackers are switching their focus of attack on a user system for exploit


Author/ Zeljka Zorz HNS Managing Editor/ Posted on 23.07.2014


The Facebook scam is a familiar phenomenon to every user of the popular social network, and most of them have fallen for it at one time or another as it only takes a moment of distraction to click on an interesting link.

Most of these scams don't do lasting damage to users or their computers but, as Symantec researchers noted, attackers have lately become more aggressive and are now using Facebook scams to exploit a user's system.

One example is the recent “EXPOSED: Mom Makes $8,000/Month From Home” scam, where victims are ultimately redirected to a third-party website containing an iframe for the Nuclear exploit kit.


Help Net Security/ Full Read Here/


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