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Fake Sage accounting invoice email spreads malware

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Fake Sage accounting invoice email spreads malware

Sage is a very popular accounting software and is widely used in companies and businesses across the world and although there are signs in the e-mail that it is a hoax it is bound to catch some people out.


Graham Cluley | June 12, 2014


"Those awfully nice people at Sage (a producer of popular accounting software) have been in touch, to let me know that I need to make a bank transfer… and the deadline is today!



Subject: RE: Invoice #3902876

Message body:

Please remit BACs before 12/06/2014.

Please view complete invoice please click here


Well, I hate to be in debt and like to pay my bills on time – so lets see what happens if I click on the link.

Perhaps surprisingly, those awfully nice people at Sage have decided to use the cloud storage site Cubby (a Dropbox competitor) to host the invoice, which they have provided as a ZIP file."


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