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Finally! Yahoo Mail to turn on SSL by default in 2014

Yahoo is planning to finally join the 21st century and turn on SSL encryption for its webmail users in January 2014.

According to the Washington Post, the internet company will enable encryption for all its webmail users, and help protect their privacy, from January 8th.

Without SSL/HTTPS, everything your browser sends and receive from Yahoo Mail is sent as unencrypted text – and could be grabbed in transit (known as “sniffing”) by malicious hackers and snoopers when you check your webmail via WiFi in the coffee shop.

GMail, Hotmail,, and others have provided this essential level of security to their users by default for ages – so it’s something of a mystery why it’s taken Yahoo so long. Maybe they were busy spending all their time thinking up new logos, or devising reckless plans to recycle email addresses…


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Re: Finally! Yahoo Mail to turn on SSL by default in 2014

Oh at last Yahoo has come to their senses. Well better late than never.