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Firefox community roiled by Java crackdown

The Firefox web browser will, henceforth, require users to manually activate Java objects on sites that they visit, Mozilla has confirmed. The change is aimed at improving security and moving away from a dependence on proprietary plug-ins, but critics say it will cause untold headaches for developers, admins and less-technical end-users.

When a page that features Java elements is loaded, a red security warning will display in the address bar – clicking on this will provide the option of activating Java. Many of those opposed to the change say that less technically savvy users might either miss the warning or simply decline to click through, out of a fear that they are compromising their security.


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Re: Firefox community roiled by Java crackdown

Today they reversed their decision, Java 7u45 is now off the blocklist. However, it will take some time to apply as Firefox only checks for new blocklist versions rarely. I think it's 8 hours but I don't remember.

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