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Five great computer security tips that few people follow

by Corey Nachreiner - WatchGuard’s Director of Security Strategy and Research - Monday, 16 June 2014.


If you’re an infosec professional, you probably know a ton of security tips and best practices; use a firewall, update antivirus, patch regularly, adhere to the least privilege principle, don’t click unsolicited attachments, and so on. Chances are, you probably have implemented most, if not all, of those important best practices already.

However, in my experience there is another, smaller subset of InfoSec tips and practices that offer great security benefits, but which few people actually apply in real life. So here are my top five rarely- implemented security practices that I think you should reconsider:


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Re: Five great computer security tips that few people follow

Important common security practices. Very useful article. Thanks for sharing.Smiley Happy