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Gambling Site Acknowledges Four-Year-Old Data Breach

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Gambling Site Acknowledges Four-Year-Old Data Breach

By Jeff Goldman  |  Posted August 07, 2014


The gambling website Paddy Power recently began notifying 649,055 customers that their personal information may have been exposed as a result of a data breach in 2010.

Paddy Power was notified in May 2014 that an unidentified person in Canada was in possession of a customer database dating from 2010. The company then sought two court orders to seize the individual's IT assets, including the database in question. The court orders were executed during the week of July 7, 2014.

"Paddy Power had detected malicious activity in an attempted breach of its data security system in 2010," the company said in a statement. "A detailed investigation was undertaken at the time and determined that no financial information or customer passwords had been put at risk. It was, however, suspected that some non-financial customer information may have been exposed and a full review of security systems was undertaken."


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Community Leader

Community Leader

Re: Gambling Site Acknowledges Four-Year-Old Data Breach

Awful long time to take to find a data breach.


Great response by Webroot's George Anderson (director of product marketing). 


Thanks for posting the article!


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