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German Space Research Center Under Espionage Attack

Germany's aeronautics and space research center has for months been the target of a suspected cyber attack by a foreign intelligence service, a German news weekly reported Sunday.

Der Spiegel said that several computers used by scientists and systems administrators at the Cologne-based DLR center had been infiltrated by spy programs.

"The government classes the attack as extremely serious because it, among other things, is aimed at armament and rocket technologies," Spiegel said.

In some computers IT experts found traces of spy programs that were set up to destroy themselves on discovery, while others only activated themselves after months of lying in wait. Spiegel said the attacks were "coordinated and systematic" and all the center's operation systems were affected.


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Re: German Space Research Center Under Espionage Attack

My guess would be to look East of India.  Recent new weapon systems emanating from that part of the world have in a very many cases borne a striking similarity to systems already developed and/or deployed in the West.  This has been known about for a long time...yet they still manage to get away with it...which is really worrying.  And if they can do it with weapons systems then why would space related systems be spared...especially with the recently declared intentions in that arena?


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