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Google Forms Zero-Day Hacking Team

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Google Forms Zero-Day Hacking Team

Kelly Jackson Higgins  7/15/2014

'Project Zero' to hunt bugs in all software that touches the Net.

Google today revealed a new white-hat security team it has formed that will root out vulnerabilities in all software that touches the Internet.

The search engine giant is recruiting talent for the so-called Project Zero team, which spun out of Google's security research on its own products as well as previous part-time vulnerability research on other vendors' products by some of its researchers.

"Beyond securing our own products, interested Googlers also spend some of their time on research that makes the Internet safer, leading to the discovery of bugs like Heartbleed," says Chris Evans, researcher herder for Google charged with forming the team. "The success of that part-time research has led us to create a new, well-staffed team called Project Zero."

Google plans to hire top security researcher talent that will be focused full-time on "improving security across the Internet," he said in a post today announcing Project Zero.


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Re: Google Forms Zero-Day Hacking Team

Google's Project Zero Cybersecurity Watch: No Excuses


By Richard Adhikari TechNewsWorld 07/15/14 1:32 PM PT


Google is lighting a fire under software vendors to get them to take their bug-fixing responsibilities more seriously. Project Zero will ferret out flaws, report them to vendors, and then post them online, where anyone who cares can watch the clock tick until a patch is delivered. People should be able to use the Web without fear of cybercriminals or state-sponsored intruders, says Google.


Google on Tuesday announced Project Zero, an effort to speed up the security bug-fixing process. A team of cybersecurity experts will go after vulnerabilities in any and all software, notify the vendors, and then file bug reports in a public database so users can track the issuance of patches. 


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