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Google’s Digital Attack Map plots DDoS attacks around the world

One of the most common attacks seen against a website is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, where malicious hackers command botnets of hijacked computers around the world to bombard a particular website with traffic – causing it to fall over.

The team at Google Ideas has teamed up with Arbor Networks to provide Digital Attack Map, a visualisation of denial-of-service attacks around the world.
There’s even a movable timeline, so you can look back through at historic attacks (see the enormous DDoS attack which started on August 8 2013, for instance, when the United States was getting pounded).

Pretty neat, eh?

The threat of DDoS attacks have been used by hackers in the past to blackmail websites into paying “protection money”, or risk having their site go offline. Victims have included gambling sites in the run-up to major sporting events.

However, in recent years it has become a favourite weapon of hacktivists and politically-motivated attackers who wish to silence a website that they dislike.


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Great graphics.

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Re: Google’s Digital Attack Map plots DDoS attacks around the world

Thanks for posting this story! We were actually just talking about this as a team the other morning. Very cool map.

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