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Google's Schmidt says Android devices are more secure than iOS

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"Google executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says he believes his company's mobile platform is more secure than iOS."


“The FBI and Department of Homeland Security released a report on mobile malware that indicated 79 percent of mobile malware threats affect Android.”


Interestingly, a report released from Juniper Networks found that Android devices are targeted at a much higher rate than iOS devices, although 77 percent of the Android threats could be eliminated if users had downloaded the latest version of Google’s operating system.


Full article


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Re: Google's Schmidt says Android devices are more secure than iOS

I might be inclined to believe him had i not seen the obvious for myself.I know a few mobile shops locally here that are flooded on a regular basis with malware infected ANDROID devices.Granted,a great many threats can be mitigated by keeping your os and apps up to date,but unfortunately a lot of people,and a vast majority of mobile users,are totally security ignorant and quite lazy when it comes to updating anything.I'm not sure how feasible it is,but i personally would have no issue with a forced update for important updates.

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